Saturday, February 28, 2015

Snowmageddoblizzardocalypse--catching up on indoor backlog

Ya, don't worry 'bout me, I'm not caught under a massive snowplow mountain.  I'm just attempting to make a dent in my video backlogs while snowed in and all.

Actually, the snow's not bad here in Oklahoma.  I'm just glad I'm not in Massachusetts.


Ya, getting stuck at home on a Saturday night sucks, doesn't it...unless you're an internationally minded armchair traveler via shortwave radio...which will suck if propagation conditions are lousy.  I got your Plan B right here, folks! Mollie B's Polka Party. True Confessions Time, people--I was a Yankovic  fan long before there was a Weird Al. And different nationalities are all related to the polka: Slovak, Hun, Czech, Mexican (you heard me: MEXICAN), German, etc.  Here's a reminder that Mexico used to be part of the Habsburg Empire before the Great War broke out.  Anyhoo, even if you don't cut rug, a polka will get you tappin' yer would its cousin, the schottische ( more history HERE). Don't leave out the ländler, either.

Oh sure, I already know--Frankie had something to do with time...

Speaking of Habsburgs, here's another toe-tapper for ya, straight from Austria...

Sunday mini-UPDATE: Emma Goldman's in the can. Chalk that one up to a snow day well spent.

Monday miniUPDATE: Punched Out Judy and the Wharton performance at Summer Chautauqua ****FINALLY**** got on the ETN sked, with PoJ at midnight on Tuesdays. Talk about extreme prejudice.  Wharton fared better, different time slots in March.  Well, I'm just gonna have to produce more Punched Out Judys.  Oh yeah--and submit the Goldman performance.  Enid Public Library was the first to get a copy of that, just today.

Wednesday miniUPDATE: Working on the Henry James performance of Enid Summer Chautauqua.  I'm on a roll!
Also looking forward to the anniversary of my Guinness Baptism, too--St. Patrick's Day. Rooting thru the rye for Scot as well as Irish 78 rpm tunes. Mother Machree! Bob's your uncle.
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