Thursday, February 19, 2015

Enid, tonight's Commission Study Session addresses ETN and some false claims by Kime

...particularly his claim that Chautauqua isn't censored.  Catch that on a repeat on ETN or online.  The bullshit runs thick.

On the sorta-bright side, I was advised to resubmit Punched Out Judy and Summer Chautauqua 2014--Edith Wharton.  Instead of thumb drive submission this time, it's gonna be hard-copy DVD.

Saturday mini-UPDATE: Looks like Facebook decided I was a real enough person for THEM, months after I kept telling 'em to eff off each time they sent me an email notification, cuz they kept denying me access.  Well, Facebook can STILL kiss my ass. G+ is still better.

"People often find it easier to be the result of a past than a cause of the future." --anonymous

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