Sunday, November 30, 2014

Women's issues resurface--the Fergusonizing of sports?--plus--THIS JUST IN

I'd rather watch paint dry than watch football, but there's no escaping this recent development regarding some player named Rice, caught delivering a haymaker to his wife in an elevator, and she stepping forward to make curious remarks about it.  So--what's so Fergusonish about this?

The fact that unions defend union members just like they do in the police force, that's what.  When a member steps out of line, his union brotherhood will step up to defend even the indefensible, that's what, and reinstate such people on the basis of contract terms alone.

Much earlier in this blog, I stated that even as a union member myself, the fact that unions were BROTHERhoods was exactly what precipitated my schooling the boys on how actual defense if contract REALLY works, and all this talk about frat boys and how bad Greeks are on college campuses is related to fraternities as unions.  Good ole boys clubs, to hell with women.  They might as well be the ole Spanky & Our Gang's celebrated He-Man-Women-Haters Club.

For the record, I've been a Greek 3 times over: Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Beta Lambda and Phi Theta Kappa. 2 Honors and 1 business.  There's nothing wrong with Greeks.  There's just a whole lot wrong with the people recruited nowadays to be Greeks.


Friday-after-the-Monday-Update UPDATE: You betcha I've been very busy, but at this time, not too busy to make note of the Rolling Stone retraction about their original story about frat gang-rape, and the current howling about sloppy journalism. Even in the view of the high reputation track record of the Rolling Stone, everybody's surprised except me.  Why? Because it's less a matter of sloppy journalism as it is journalism-on-the-cheap and it's the cost of high quality journalism that has been a bone of contention ever since the 3 major network broadcasters relegated their newsrooms to the profit-making department.  If you're in the profit business AND you have shareholders, Job One is to cut costs to increase profits...which means that Job One is putting the costs of investigation and verification on the chopping block.  I'm not the least bit surprised.

Monday UPDATE--THIS JUST IN: There are now 2 candidates for Ward 5 City Commissioner to choose from come February.  You have a choice between potholes-as-usual ferris-wheel-priority incumbent, or the anti-pothole candidate. You, the residents of Ward 5, are apparently more intimately familiar with your potholes than the incumbent is.

You heard it here first.

Tuesday UPDATE: Welcome to the blog, you 3 people searching out my name. Hope you have lots and lots of time for that. By all means, visit my Newsvine page and my page on Huffington Post.  Luvz ya!

Friday, November 28, 2014

This is quite fun, Ward 5 City Commissioner Tammy Wilson

You've lodged another complaint with YouTube about my posting the police report video of the Halloween event you usually take all the credit for.  You're a public figure, hon, and I know that the public record video will easily pass any scrutiny performed by YouTube.  But it is so much more fun deleting it and reposting it because every time a video is posted on my YouTube channel, it automatically gets distributed on both G+ and Twitter. Plus it keeps you and your cronies coming back to my blog again and again and again and again.

I could do this waltz with you all week, sweetie.  MmmmWAH!
And this, well before we hear from the Oklahoma Attorney General's opinion of the Enid Permit (Parks) Department.  That's still pending.

Oh, I almost forgot to thank you for being such a loyal fan of my blog.  I hereby appoint you as President of my fan club, with profuse thanks for all the traffic to here.  There's something I can donate to your re-election campaign, as it happens--I can make a lot of DVDs of that and pass 'em around like campaign fliers. Thanks to the Black Friday Sale at Staples, a DVD disc is like 20¢ a pop. Luvz ya!

Oh gee, I almost forgot to mention---MSNBC Newsvine. And the fact that my friends that are still on Facebook share this blog as well as G+ postings on Facebook. {....singing & strutting to.....MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This"}

MC Hammer - You can't touch this by henki8

Interesting Comment I got on this blog entry--a fan steps forward to identify herself in public. +Amy Swanner , friend of Ward 5 City Commissioner +Tammy Wilson , as being one of Enid's public figures in the video even though only Commissioner Wilson was specifically identified.

Thank you, Amy, for providing the cool screenshot that is going into my next rendition of the reposted video.  I appreciate that.

I am more than happy to repost that video as many times as you like. And I have the "off-shore option" post the video on a foreign domain and hotlink it here in the blog.

Ain't that right, gri?  I could even hotlink it on your site, gri, huh. And everywhere else in cyberspace including Facebook, even. Grivitation RULES!

I might not be a grivitation purist like you are, gri, but I'm still a toogrian.

As for crony of Wardsman Wilson, our dear Ms. Amy...well, Tammy, with friends like that, who needs enemas?

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Public figures in Enid are seeking to close down my blog filing complaints without merit to Google and YouTube.  The same people who filed a complaint with Facebook that my name was fake.

So you KNOW that I'm onto something quite seriously nefarious in the City of Enid.  +YouTube , which is owned by +Google (as is +Google+ ) currently make no distinctions between videos that are on public record file (like the video filed in police report number 201413272 which was recorded in a PUBLIC park at a PUBLIC event--Halloweenid) and those that are not, to the point where their stated Privacy Policies preclude the uploading of security camera videos, police report videos, and the like provided that even a perp can complain of a privacy violation.

My friends and fans, know ye by this posting that if these entities continue to presume I'm guilty of policy violations based on false complaints by which their Privacy Policies depart from legal norms, I'll be moving again, to their competition.  +cityofenid , note ye that even though giants like Google like to think they own the entirety of cyberspace, they do not and their search engines will still produce my postings when they appear on the websites of the competition.

Hasta la vista, baby.

Hey gri--I know you're still reading the blog, my friend, and these very developments makes me thankful on this Thanksgiving Day for the time we spent working together.  It's gonna come in very handy, soon.  We disagree on the politics, but on technology, we're a winning team...until you get banned by the host, that is.  I'm about to go there and get my own domain and post all this stuff out the wazoo, which will still turn up in search engine crawlers even though the SEO won't be what Google enjoys.  What is important is that it not be censored, and I know how you feel about censorship yourself, buddy.  There, we have a common cause.  See you around the web.
To everybody else--of course there's a Plan B.  And C, D, E, F...haven't gotten to the end of the alphabet yet, but I'm closin' in on it.  You've heard the saying about bringing a gun to a knife fight?  I bring chess pieces to a checker match.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Ferguson's Pickalili Circus--plus update

This is going to be a short commentary on the major production roll-out of the grand jury ruling on the killing of Michael Brown, as this is my immediate reaction to that.  Yup, you can gather as much from the title of this blog entry, if you know what piccalilli is made of, and you know of a certain demographic that prefers those to be fried.

I was in the regional neighborhood for the race riots in Cairo, about a war zone...and one would think that this nation has made a lot of progress since then...but because of personal experience even  in this day and age, I know better. Just like I know better about the so-called "long way, baby" that women are presumed to have benefited from.  Nah.  Same snit, different day, and this is what it took to get things to change, back in the days of Cairo, Birmingham and Memphis, and even now.

The question is, how long will the progress last before the non-evolving neanderthals try to resurrect and restore ante-bellum Jim Crow Brigadoon again.

News outlets are no doubt combing over what materials are being made public, but there's also no doubt that there's bias in such gate-keeping of what's withheld, too.  Nonetheless, a hearing and judgment in The Court of Public Opinion is the only hope that powers that be in Ferguson have left, and it's not looking good.  So far.

Tuesday UPDATE, Nobody's Listening/Nobody Wants To Hear It/Now Hear This edition:
Washington Post report

The calling for a grand jury to hear only one side shows that nobody's listening; the wide range of eye witness accounts showed the need to sort out which accounts were reliable, which weren't, compared to physical evidence cited.  But the conclusions arrived at while evaluating the physical evidence involved some extrapolations without cross examination.

The calling up of the Missouri National Guard in advance of a ruling that occurred, per some reports, at 2pm but announced at 7pm (times vary with what time zone you're hearing/reading the various reports, filed in different time zones, while the difference in number of hours between ruling and announcement remains a constant),  but failing to actually deploy the called-up troops, was justified when you consider that Missouri was criticized for calling them up when they were called up, and then criticized for failing to deploy them after all that criticism.  Nobody wants to hear it.

Now Hear THIS: McCulloch's presser after dark, coming down as an edict from on high as a verdict rather than a ruling even though there was no trial.

Sorry, folks, but proper argument is required here, as well as good listening skills that come with understanding the point of view of the other...which is the first casualty of massive distrust on both sides.  The first order of business when it comes to talking and listening is to sort through what's valid and what's bogus excuse, as evaluated by cooler heads than are currently the case.  For example, a police officer who views any unarmed teen as a superman who causes such a fear in a police officer to the point where the officer feels like a child is a police officer who should find a different line of work.  A police officer who uses the excuse that he was fearful of an unarmed teen to cover for his undisciplined fury should find a different line of work. His credibility just got shot down.

A prosecutor whose performance is that of defense attorney definitely needs to be dispatched to a different line of work.

Note to my Egyptian and Turkish friends: Yes, this is the Tahrir Dilemma, too--criticism for calling in the military is inevitable whether or not you actually send them in or don't. The ONLY answer to such criticism is a clear statement of the mission: protection of public safety and property.  If that isn't your mission going in, you have already lost the argument. What does Tahrir in Egypt have to do with Turkey? The role of the military in protecting the public, that's what. If it weren't for Turkey's military, ISIS would have already taken over what's supposed to be a secular government, which is something President Erdogan's actions and philosophy is clearly against.

Note to China: this is why your idea of harmony isn't a good one.  Arguments are necessary in order to establish the best path toward harmony, and imposing YOUR idea of harmony on others is not harmony but a superficial and false veneer.  Without arguments and without the ability to hear out the people who disagree with your idea of a good path forward, you proceed as a blind man on the hope that your next step won't land you in a pitfall, and China has already experienced numerous pitfalls due to its self-inflicted blindness. Talking without listening is unforgivable. Being a good listener is essential, especially when you don't want to hear the person who disagrees with you. The greatest oratories of history are arguments; the best laws are crafted from persuasive arguments. Argument as oratory is an art form, noticeably absent in your nation.  As you think you show your courage and might by rankling your neighbors in the China Sea, EVERYBODY knows how cowardly you cringe at the sight of a free pen.

Kill the argument with the excuse of harmony and you kill inspiring oratory. Kill the argument in a lawmaking session and you get stupid laws.  Kill the argument in science and you kill ideas of merit and thereby kill the brainstorm session and science with it.  Therefore kill the argument and you kill your own progress and growth as a civilization.

Wednesday UPDATE: After all the appeals for peaceful demonstrations, we still got molotov cocktails. Ferguson is racially mixed, so I'm wondering of white supremacists were behind the fires, especially given that the church that the Browns attended got torched.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mother's Jugs & Speed-bumps--here we go again with the master illusionist class.

Those of us of a certain age recognize my reference to a certain movie in my title, and yeah, the person who is Topic A these days was more a comedian than actor...but hey--a poser either way.  Those of us of a certain age remember the flavor of this man's irreverent gags and know better than to mistake him for some kind of saint.  But those of us of a certain age also recall that he experienced something of a major change of direction when he started doing Picture Pages on Captain Kangaroo, too, and from that launched Fat Albert et al.  Time marches on, society's sensibilities change from the norm of smoking on every airline flight while pinching the ass of the stewardess who was hired for her looks in the first place, to a society less tolerant of past abuses.  So, dear public--are we about to sit in judgment on a public character whom we really don't know actually for things he did under a different standard than today's and judge him by today's standards?

Good historians will wrestle with this issue every time they research a particular historic figure, too, as it happens, and good historians would prefer to judge a character by the times he/she was found in.

My regular readers know that I'm fully against abuse, but that I'm also a proponent of historical accuracy, too, and a lot of what we consider to be abusive now was taken in stride as normal not too many years ago, and that what we consider to be abusive today is considered to be abusive today because of all the people who fought to bring these things out from under society's rug and into the glare of the full light of day.  But also consider that people change over time, too, and the people most disappointed if the charges prove to be true are people in love with an illusion.  Not real.  Don't feel duped by the show because you knew it was a show in the first place and you don't really know this person.

Sunday UPDATE, Brian Stelter/Reliable Sources edition: Brian stated that Cosby's questioning of the AP reporter's integrity completely overlooked that such a story = tabloid "yellow journalism" and therefore Cosby had a point in that regard.  I'm surprised that Brian Stelter makes no distinction between serious journalism and tabloid journalism. Something was mentioned on another program which I overlooked: the kids who grew up watching Fat Albert and Picture Pages on Captain Kangaroo--they wouldn't have been adult enough to know that a show is, well, just all for show.  Be that as it may, they're grown up enough to know that now, and fact remains that the illusion presented by a show is not just actor, but writers and producers, too. Anybody mistaking a mouthpiece for a saint remains seriously misguided.

Yup, I know a lot of my readers are looking for previous posts about the Al Aqsa Mosque, such as THIS one, and my position on that remains the same.  My position on Israel's reprehensible settlements activity remains the same as well.  What's to be mourned is the destruction of artifacts of antiquity, and even if it gets no respect for anything else, the Al Aqsa Mosque deserves respect as a magnificent artifact of antiquity.

As it happens, the post I linked to in the above paragraph is prefaced by remarks about how we in the audience didn't really know Robin Williams, either.  Please review that part as well.

Jews and Muslims, God hasn't championed either side and remains silent, without action, for all these decades you've been fighting each other, with Jews fighting for some legendary structure that hasn't existed for more centuries than the Al Aqsa Mosque HAS existed.  To say that it's all foolish lunacy would be to make an understatement.

...and welcome to the blog, Arabcom Group. I expect you'll find a lot here that's worthy of consideration whether or not you loosely use the terms "orientalist" and "orientalism".

Monday, November 10, 2014

APEC/TPP/ASEAN ... That's what Xi said. Sorta. Internet utility

Between now and the last time I posted about the Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty (TPP), a number of game-changers have occurred.  There was the uprising in Thailand, head-scratcher activity in North Korea, and, most recently, warmer overtures of both Japan and China toward each other despite the ongoing South China Sea disputes.

Is Japan now willing to overlook the kidnapping of its citizens these days?  Is the issue of "comfort women" during World War II suddenly forgivable when it wasn't last week?

At any rate, Japan has had ongoing tariff issues with the TPP which a more friendly response to China's leadership would probably accommodate better than the U.S. leadership might, and this, friends & neighbors, is where we find the crux of the power tussle going on within APEC this week.

Consider these two reports on NHK World: APEC to discuss economic integration and Xi: China is ready to lead Asia Pacific economy.

I'll bet it is.  A statement like that is like saying that Turkey is ready to lead the Eurozone economy--what's an Armenian, what's a Kurd?  I can almost hear my Chinese readership roaring with laughter at this because as a national economy, Turkey really isn't comparable. Ah, my Chinese friends, in terms of relations with it's neighbors, it IS comparable. And we know you're playing footsie with Russia, who thusfar hasn't been mentioned in any news about APEC.

The TPP is going to have the same trouble with geography that I've mentioned before regarding South American member states--their continental neighbors, being excepted for not having Pacific ocean-front property, are going to have to respond to that, and probably in competition, with middle-most continental nations playing both ends (Pacific and Atlantic) against the proverbial middle. And Putin just might be taking notes about that, being in the middle between China and the Eurozone.

Yeah--as a chess game, this APEC thing is well worth watching.  China, you might be able to play with history like you would a dry-ink whiteboard, but you'd be the only one betting on that gambit. Lotsa luck with that.    Not.

Related: NHK World on Abe and Harper

What brought about Obama's statement about making the Internet a utility was this APEC situation, particularly with China in mind, and the hew/cry over here Stateside is that Obama's blindly making declarations with total disregard for ramifications of that in the broader, more future sense.  Future.  What chess masters foray into, nevermind Doctor Who.  Which is why I depart from such critics.  What Obama's Internet move is, is best characterized as a shrewd gambit.  I'll betcha a stack of chips that this man knows exactly what he's doing, and how the moves are going to go from that point forward.

Veterans' Day mini-UPDATE: Yup, I'm out and about, not posting a separate post for today. FYI, I'm partial to flyboys when you get right down to it.  I now refer you to a previous post I posted for this occasion, The Great War's Armistice Remembered.


Hey Jim Gray!  Fancy meeting you again on Newsvine!  I think you'll like Google Plus, though!

P.S. UPDATE: Getting the China presser at this moment.  In short, an agreement was reached with China, basically "to work together" on stuff including visas.  I'm sure various news venues will be filling in various details in the morning. It's starting to sound like there's gonna be a tug o war between the U.S. and Russia over China's favor.  Climate agreement has been reached, and that sounds definite.  It also sounds like China-Japan accord mentioned by NHK earlier today is definite, too. G'night everybody.

Page 2--Myanmar: Big topic is China's belligerence in the South China Sea. For Japan, also East China Sea. So, China, you think you're ready to LEAD?  You aren't. 

Sunday mini-UPDATE, Zakaria GPS edition: Interesting take that Fareed has on Russia kissing up to China and China's attitude of institutional megalomania.  There's no doubt that Putin is over a barrel, figuratively and literally, which can't be of assistance to his own megalomania.  But economic prosperity can't last forever, China, and megalomania is extremely expensive to maintain, becoming exponentially more costly with the passage of time.  So are Putin's designs on Ukraine.  It's just a matter of time.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Thanksgiving with the natives

I already celebrated Thanksgiving with the Enid Intertribal Club. Ate buffalo instead of turkey and that suits me just fine. Here are a couple table centerpieces from the event...

It's something I attend every year (and the same is true of their Gourd Dance, which they did not have this year, unfortunately). I typically can't stand hominy but their pozole was outstanding to the point where I searched for a good recipe for that and now I make it at home, too.  Turkey? What turkey?

An attendee of the Gourd Dance would recognize this.  All the dancers carry one.

The above display decorated an end of the table where the guestbook was.  The following is the guestbook display.

The event took place at NWOSU and behind the table these things were sitting on is a dark glass elevator shaft; the images you see behind the figurines are reflections.

The meal was opened by a prayer, and during the course of the meal there were a few presentations, one of which was a video of youngsters learning the proper way to set up a tee-pee; another was a song, and another, a speech about preservation of languages.

Next, the serving table just prior to the opening prayer. Usually the elders are served first, but this time the elders called for all military veterans to be served first.

Is this a great planet or what?!

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Pleasant surprise--fans from Facebook are now in contact via Google Plus

It's good to know that people care that much. I am deeply touched by this and quite grateful, because I enjoyed all you guys too.

+Moukhtar Tba I haven't heard from you yet and yet Facebook sends me email notices about what you and others post while denying me access.  Final results are in: Facebook is rubbish.  Others will go through their rubbish appeals process to fight to get back on, like Janis Ian did--but not me.  Facebook is not worth the trouble to lift a finger.

You guys will find Google Plus a considerable improvement once you get used to it, and there's a lot to get used to.  Hangouts is something Facebook doesn't do and doesn't care to. Facebook just doesn't care, so hell with 'em. Gimme my Google Plus.

And would somebody tell Fred Jodry, Lite Dave?  And other WBCQ folks (except kracker). Thanks. Fred Waterer, getcher ass over here. :P :)

And hello to, whomever you are.  I haven't bothered to look you up in WHOIS yet, but I just wanted to say hello. :D

Notice to Fiends of Fear: I know there are those among you who have been saddened when you thought that a certain somebody you were counting on to pull off a Scare let you down. He didn't, but he did get attacked by his own City alligators and had to wrestle those off first. It might not be "on time" as far as the Scare was concerned, but he's on it. Don't get pissy at him--he's still good.  And yeah--I know a few other things you don't but I'll have to tell you in a G+ Hangout instead of on Facebook PM.  Take heart.

Earlier today, when checking my email, I got 2 email notifications from Facebook, the geniuses that gave me the unceremonious boot for no damn good reason.  I checkmarked 'em both and hit the Spam button.

Here it is late night, Craig Ferguson has just come on the tube, and while checking the emails one last time before closing down, my Spam box said there were two more messages.  Checked the box and by golly 2 more from Facebook.  Check it out:

Did those forkers decide to reinstate my account?  I can tell you that right now I don't give a snit. Fork you, Facebook.

Thursday UPDATE: still prohibited from logging on, so Facebook notifications remain marked SPAM in my emailbox.

 The traffic to this blog has exceeded the last noticeable spike. Facebook might be a cyberbully both online and in one's emailbox, but it's the best thing that ever happened to Blogger and Google Plus, the primary beneficiaries of Facebook's deathwish.  Not bad--not bad! I should have quit wasting my time on Facebook a long damn time ago.

Oh yeah--there was a mid-term election. What do I think of that? I think it was bought, fair and square.  Our nation suspected that we had morphed from a democratic republic into an oilygarchy, and now we have the proof.  It's also mid-term, which means that the party in power gets a chance to piss off more of the electorate for the next two years to lose the presidency. Again.

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Facebook's inane personhood laws

As my regular readers already know, the City of Enid has waged war against its citizens and I'm one of the few actually fighting back. Yesterday, the minions of the City invoked Facebook's personhood law to get me evicted from Facebook.

The trouble is, Google also has personhood laws that, upon receipt of complaint, could get any pen name account bounced off of it as well, so if all my fans wonder what happened to this blog should it disappear, know ye in advance that the City of Enid was behind it.  They've been the reason why the stats of this blog have reflected unusually high traffic--there's a video they're monitoring for posting because it's unflattering in a big way, and I haven't posted that yet. Same is true for Gov. Mary Fallin's office. But they have no idea where else I might post that video, and it may be all over cyberspace in all kinds of places before it's all said/done.  What matters is that the proper authorities already have possession of copies of said videos, and there's no putting THAT toothpaste back in the tube. As much as Facebook fancies itself to be a proper authority to the point of demanding compliance with its demand for personal documents, it isn't. And neither is Google. (mini-update note--I just posted that statement on Twitter, and it's getting re-Tweeted. There are a lot of people not happy with #Facebook right now)

My fans know where to find me and I celebrate the fact that neither Facebook nor Google own the entirety of cyberspace, and just like that mole in Whack-A-Mole, I'll pop up elsewhere.  That's one of the benefits of having a pen name that dates far back into the world of print-on-paper media, as very little of that has been scanned and posted online--I'm in closer touch with my fans than Facebook is with its clients, which it just decided was too big of a group and so culls it with its demands for personal ID documentation it has no legal right to demand as part of its terms of service.  Neither does Google, for that matter.

1) Facebook isn't an administrator of elections devoted to curtailing voter fraud, so it can't use that excuse to claim a right to a person's identification documents.

2) Facebook doesn't charge money as a condition of membership and therefore has no right to include bank statements in its demand for personal identification documents.

3) Facebook doesn't maintain roads and has no standing to demand a person's driver's license in its demand for personal identification documents.

4) Facebook isn't a government agency, and as a peer citizen has no standing to demand identification papers of any kind.

3) Facebook has a feature for accounts like Twitter does, to display a check mark on an account to mark it as a "verified account", and that's a case in which the holder of the account voluntarily surrenders its personal ID documents.  Facebook fails to realize that ALL accounts for which personal ID documents are surrendered are therefore "verified accounts", but Facebook fails to mark them as such.  A voluntary option has become an involuntary demand by Facebook and in that, Facebook commits an overreach and therefore is an EPIC FAIL I can readily kick to the curb.  But so is Google Plus should it make the same mistake.

Unless and until any given Internet entity has standing as a government official or financial institution or medical provider, they have NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to demand personal ID documents as part of its Terms of Service.  Bubbye, Facebook. I won't miss you and my fans can still find me, loser.

Businesses who get snookered by Web dot com into buying a presence on #Facebook don't realize they've been fleeced, but I'll wager it won't take 'em long to find that out that paying for Facebook presence is a rip-off because Facebook itself is a rip-off.

The trend is to make Facebook a verified-celebrities/business-only exclusive club as the customers and fans thereof realize increasingly that Facebook hasn't  sufficient legal authority to make the demands it's making on its hoi polloi denizens.  I find that, on Twitter, are the very people who have been fed up with Facebook long before Facebook gestapo bounced my pen name off for being a "fake person".  Hey, Facebook--Mark Twain doesn't have a birth certificate and you permit THAT fake person to have an unverified account, you idiot.

YouTube is on a similar self-destructive path with its copyright nazis, and everybody who has viewed old pages on this blog with links to YouTube content know all too well what I mean--YouTube has even yanked content that is public domain simply because the person who posted the vids didn't respond to its copyright nazi challenges, and it must be said that, by and large, the average person lacks the legal competence to make a counter argument.  I've been hit on by these copyright nazis filing complaints about videos I've made of Christmas displays playing what they claim is copyrighted content being infringed upon.  But I don't have an average lack of background in copyright/patent law and I have successfully argued in my favor.

More than once, and that's the problem with YouTube--the copyright nazis make crazy claims like the one they made about the Christmas displays and YouTube bans innocent people because they don't have the ability to respond to such insanity.  Like Facebook, YouTube is an insane asylum populated and run by the inmates and is more exclusionary than inclusive.  FAIL

Far be it from me to tell my fans to drop their own accounts on Facebook--that decision is entirely theirs to make--but I will say that as long as they or anyone else stays on at Facebook, they're presenting themselves as commercial farm animals to be milked by Facebook advertisers and commercial accounts. People, it's  your funeral.

@facebook #Facebook  #Enid