Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Pleasant surprise--fans from Facebook are now in contact via Google Plus

It's good to know that people care that much. I am deeply touched by this and quite grateful, because I enjoyed all you guys too.

+Moukhtar Tba I haven't heard from you yet and yet Facebook sends me email notices about what you and others post while denying me access.  Final results are in: Facebook is rubbish.  Others will go through their rubbish appeals process to fight to get back on, like Janis Ian did--but not me.  Facebook is not worth the trouble to lift a finger.

You guys will find Google Plus a considerable improvement once you get used to it, and there's a lot to get used to.  Hangouts is something Facebook doesn't do and doesn't care to. Facebook just doesn't care, so hell with 'em. Gimme my Google Plus.

And would somebody tell Fred Jodry, Lite Dave?  And other WBCQ folks (except kracker). Thanks. Fred Waterer, getcher ass over here. :P :)

And hello to, whomever you are.  I haven't bothered to look you up in WHOIS yet, but I just wanted to say hello. :D

Notice to Fiends of Fear: I know there are those among you who have been saddened when you thought that a certain somebody you were counting on to pull off a Scare let you down. He didn't, but he did get attacked by his own City alligators and had to wrestle those off first. It might not be "on time" as far as the Scare was concerned, but he's on it. Don't get pissy at him--he's still good.  And yeah--I know a few other things you don't but I'll have to tell you in a G+ Hangout instead of on Facebook PM.  Take heart.

Earlier today, when checking my email, I got 2 email notifications from Facebook, the geniuses that gave me the unceremonious boot for no damn good reason.  I checkmarked 'em both and hit the Spam button.

Here it is late night, Craig Ferguson has just come on the tube, and while checking the emails one last time before closing down, my Spam box said there were two more messages.  Checked the box and by golly 2 more from Facebook.  Check it out:

Did those forkers decide to reinstate my account?  I can tell you that right now I don't give a snit. Fork you, Facebook.

Thursday UPDATE: still prohibited from logging on, so Facebook notifications remain marked SPAM in my emailbox.

 The traffic to this blog has exceeded the last noticeable spike. Facebook might be a cyberbully both online and in one's emailbox, but it's the best thing that ever happened to Blogger and Google Plus, the primary beneficiaries of Facebook's deathwish.  Not bad--not bad! I should have quit wasting my time on Facebook a long damn time ago.

Oh yeah--there was a mid-term election. What do I think of that? I think it was bought, fair and square.  Our nation suspected that we had morphed from a democratic republic into an oilygarchy, and now we have the proof.  It's also mid-term, which means that the party in power gets a chance to piss off more of the electorate for the next two years to lose the presidency. Again.
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