Sunday, July 17, 2016

City of Enid loves the poorly edumacated too.

What prompts this post isn't just 2 articles in the paper, one about how Garfield/Enid lost millions of retail sales tax money AGAIN and how Ernie Currier tries to convince us all that voting for a tax hike to pay for the Kaw Pipeline project is the thing to do because Enid's median income (not average, mind you) is $44K annually and they spend 18% of that income on taxable goods...but also because of an airing of a book discussion on CSPAN BookTV by The Mathematical Association of America on the topic of Common Core controversies. As you all are probably aware (probability! mathematics!) Oklahoma and Enid take an extremely dim view of Common Core standards. If Enidiots were mathematically literate, they'd spot this mathematical subterfuge committed by Currier right off the bat, and underscored by a subsequent article about how we're losing revenue on those same taxable goods in terms of millions.

The mathematically illiterate make the best suckers.

The main reason why people choose to avoid average and go to median is because there's a huge disparity between the lowest factors in a statistical set of numbers and the for a median instead of an average in the scenario where there are a lot of very low numbers and a few very high numbers will give you an artificially higher number than if you averaged the set.

Currier is on the public schools board. The same school board that lobbied like hell to pass a school bond issue we don't need but provides plenty of pork for bond skimmers to line their buddies' pockets with on additional construction projects we don't get to vote on, like the high school's University Center. Nobody voted for that structure and it was funded by raiding the "savings" on other bonds. There ya go--that's your anti-Common Core substandard Enidiot brand of mathematics for ya.

Post-Commission session UPDATE: We now know the specific names of the Commissioners who have no problem with questionable ethics--The Three Amigos who attempted to railroad the City Manager, of course, plus Tammy Wilson. What I said about Santa Fe NM is true, of course; I've been there in person a number of times while the guy who made the presentation in the Study Session said all he knows about it is what's on its website.  It figures, doesn't it.  Scottsdale has been trying to be a Santa Fe knock-off for over a decade now, and it's done a fairly reasonable job of it, as has Santa Fe's nearer neighbor, Taos NM.

New Mexico is breathtaking mountains mixed with desert and it's called the Land of Enchantment for good reason, especially where artists are concerned. Oklahoma is located in the Great Plains, which is, well, plain.  Even if Georgia O'Keefe were still alive, she wouldn't have fallen in love with Enid Oklahoma. I'm sure of it.

On the other hand, Taos city government has a lot in common with the Enid City Commission, apparently...

Below is a fence in Santa Fe that I know the City of Enid would say is an ordinance violation...if it was in Enid...

Yup--and I even recognized some photos shown at the Enid Study Session as originating specifically on Santa Fe's Canyon Road.

Near the bottom of Canyon Road, going up...through windshield glare...

Notice the whirly-gigs on the left of the picture. Here's a closer look at that:

Now, what the top of Canyon Road looks like...

You see correctly; Canyon Road has a Gypsy Alley.  And here's what that looks like:

So then--you don't believe me when I said that Sotheby's deals with the commercial real estate in Santa Fe? Why don't you call Sotheby realtor Darlene Street yourself and ask her about it, hm?

If you ever happen to be out in that neighborhood, I also recommend the downtown plaza, and 'way further out of town, the Earthship.

The Wikipedia page about this proclaims that its entry has issues with "weasel words" but I couldn't find anything on it that went askew from what I observed in person. It's truly a technological wonder.

August UPDATE: Drove by the old Miles Music building just off of Van Buren and noticed a Berkshire Hathaway Real Estate sign there, and laughed my arse off. Definitely a first for Enid Oklahoma, a day after somebody at state level proclaimed to the City Commission's Study Session that there are 4 national-level artists and ...get this...Enid is growing. That poor misinformed miss didn't pay attention to how the banks in Enid are reducing services large and small, including curtailing their traditional Friday popcorn and, in SNB's case, coffee as well.  As for Miles Music's account with the liberal Clinton-supporting but still high dollar Berkshire Hathaway, well...they're still going to have to find a BUYER in Enid that can handle it. Besides, nothing says "conservatives need not apply, your money isn't good enough" like a Berkshire-Hathaway real estate sign. Like I said at a previous City Commission session: somebody's delusional. Seriously delusional.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Dear Republicans: Remember when you were shocked over the two-fer Billary?

Nobody elected Hillary to the White House, you used to say back in the day. Now you've got a decider-in-chief wannabe who gets vetoed by his clan.  That's 'way more than a two-fer, you know. The Trump clan ain't gonna be elected to the White House either.  Looks like the decider-in-chief wannabe can't decide shit without 'em.

In Enid news, Enid Animal Control don't control animals...oh, I know, you've heard me say this before, and more than once.  And you already know armadillos run free here with impunity, too. But so does Enid's mascot, the urban skunk.  Animal control doesn't control skunks, so now you can add another wild item on your list of reasons to move here.

This pic was taken just after 9 pm today. The Enid Official Welcome Wagon.