Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Elliot Roger and Adam, a Facebook meme & a July update

I mean the Adam with no last name Adam. They're both men who made choices and claimed that a woman made 'em do what they did. Face it, guys--Christianity and its Abrahamic brethren religions themselves are misogynistic, and if you're a guy who was brought up to believe that that's how God ordered nature and nature's laws--women should always be barefoot and pregnant-- you'll regard God's gift of dominion to be an entitlement program.  Same kinda guy that thinks that men are from Mars and women are from Venus and neither are members of the same species. Men and women are different, but not THAT different.  If they were that different, they couldn't breed.

The excuse used in re: a 13 year old

Geeeeeez--some people.  But there's all kinds of people out there--hey Elliot, if you hadn't killed yourself, you'd be in jail getting hit on by ladies who think jailbirds are sexy.  Dude, you'd even get a cell mate that would hit on you.  If  loveless sex is your thing, you could have gone to a place where you could have gotten it in abundance, and you missed the boat on that too, loser.

The Elliot Roger Massacre

July UPDATE: ...in the form of "The Beyonce Voter" remark, about how women are supposed to be dependent. Doesn't matter if on government or husbands, but dependent either way.

Wise ladies know that's the mark of a male control freak, and know enough to steer clear of such a man, giving him wide berth.  Unless the lady seeks to be a trophy wife, that is.  There are such people and Phyllis Schlaffley is one of 'em.

Back in the 60s when "women's lib" was the new catch phrase, there were men who regarded that as men's liberation, too--the more independent a woman was, the less of a drag she was supposed to be on a household.  Men in Muslim countries already find out on a regular basis that the more dependent a woman is forced to be on a man, the more the man gets used as a utility.  Hell, it's such men that regard women as a utility and karma's a bitch.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

While winding down late Sunday night, I noticed a copyright infringement

...committed by a sponsor of some PBS show put on by some big biz snob named Scully. The sponsor, Garaga, pinched Martha Stewart's old tune for "Martha Stewart Living".  Not sure what this particular Garaga is, but if it's that corporation located in Quebec, we may very well be looking at an international pinching just north of the border.

Still, hat sort of pinching is NOT protected by the Fair Use clause.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Blogger/Google's technological nosedive

...has been the stumbling block to my posting new blog posts. In an apparent bid to kowtow to the smart phone, it won't allow uploading standard sized videos anymore.  After some experimentation, I've found that a few will upload and most won't, and then found that if I format the videos to small iPhone standards, Blogger will accept them. Too much work--sorry.

I have an account with Photobucket but abandoned that when they went with smart-phone-only uploading. Get a clue, Google.

This has been going on for too friggin long already

Saturday UPDATE: attempting again to upload a video, and again getting the error message, and then trying the small-iPhone format work-around...a new! improved! preview of The Punched Out Judy Show hopefully coming to an Enid Public Access Channel near you, before June 30...

So basically, Blogger still sucks bilgewater and remains a major stumbling block in blogging here.

Friday, May 16, 2014

It's Friday again (Monday mini-update) and Blogger is effing up

...which is why I haven't posted a new entry since last Friday, til now.

Enid is going through a spate of end-of-school-year musical presentations, and I have the videos, but Blogger errors out when I try to upload most of them.  It'll take some of them, but not enough.  What's called for is to sit it out until Blogger gets the infernal problem fixed.


Monday UPDATE: Blogger will take some videos but still error out on others. #FAIL
In other Monday news...some time ago, a few people on Yahoo Answers liked my answers so well that they Friended me on Facebook, and one of those Friends started a major rant about Marvel vs DC comics, which was noteworthy in the sense that I jumped in on that one for the sake of counterpoint.  He was all into glorifying DC while I took the other side proclaiming the merits of Marvel's satire, which DC never did. Marvel had a Not Brand Echh line of comics and DC never had a counterpart, I argued.

....and then I remembered something else from my comic book youth, related to all the Isaac Asimov I was reading back then....a Gold Key comic book called Magnus the Robot Fighter.   Just as I had an insatiable appetite for all things Asimov, I swear I read every stinkin' issue of Magnus, too.  When news about electronic surveillance combined with drones hits the headlines, I think of Magnus; for somebody published in the early 1960s, Magnus turns out to be eerily prescient.

Extremely late Monday UPDATE: squeaking in under the wire late at night was this item via Twitter:

Oklahoma's legal bills after that bone-headed Sharia Law deal

Update 3: Just tried to add a screenshot of the comments on that page and G+ effed up ROYALLY, crashing my browser and everything. Get yer friggin' act together, Google! #FAIL #FAIL #FAIL #FAIL #FAIL #FAIL #FAIL #FAIL

It wouldn't upload the pic, even, until after 6 tries. #FAIL #FAIL #FAIL #FAIL

Late Friday UPDATE: Checking the stats, I see that somebody has Googled "charlie loudenboomer" and got my blog. Yup, that's how search engines work, by golly.  And now I'll quote a line from the song about the MTA: "Well, did he ever return? No, he never returned, and his fate is still unlearned..." ^_^

I also see that traffic to my posts about the Great War has picked up, and I've got an inkling as to why that is, too.  Hello to you, Doug, if you're dropping by (voluntarily or involuntarily via search engine), ha.  And speaking of what's related to the Oklahoma Humanities Council and what they've never done over the past 10 years, Anthony Bourdain is doing the Mississippi River this weekend on CNN.  Definitely gonna watch THAT. wOOT and a half!!

This is a test. It is only a test...

It took 4 tries, but it went.  There's a glimmer of hope.
The City now has a significant conflict of interest with the above statement and that the cable carrier's own lawyers should look into as a possible  breach of contract after the changes scheduled to take place as of the date of June 30.

Nope--Blogger still errors out on too many vid uploads. #FAIL

UPDATE: It's May 22 and it still errors out. Meh and a half.

Friday, May 09, 2014

Shout out to French Cameroon; Radio Scooter dies this weekend..




Here's the headline, +George Strayline -- Radio Scooter International bites the big one after  the weekend. I'm currently listening to The Last Waltz edition of Friday Night Party. Bummer and a half.

Friday Night Party--The Last Waltz FB event
The Radio Time Capsule--Final Farewell FB event
Listen live stream--Radio Scooter International

Specifically, a shout out to the N'sangou family.

You'll know why ere long, I'm sure.

Bernard's Little Princess
Saturday UPDATE: I am now hearing reports, in context of those abductions in northern Nigeria, that Boco Haram is also active in Cameroon.  French Cameroon is largely Roman Catholic, therefore particularly haram given the pre-Protestant history of the Crusades and Inquisition.  Hoping for the best in Cameroon.

France takes action (Reuters) 
Al Jazeera report on attack on Cameroon village 
Voice of America report 
Al Jazeera report on kidnapped priests, nun, in Cameroon 
Al Jazeera: France's ops in Ivory Coast 

About Radio Scooter International on Sunday, Fred Waterer is taking requests for the final broadcast of The Radio Time Capsule.  This being a rowdy Saturday, I suggested a Stuart Hamblen classic, only I couldn't find Stuart Hamblen's version of the song.  Had to settle for Jimmy Dean's version.  I'm happy to announce that I'm the proud owner of the Hamblen original on 78 rpm.

....and the requests went downhill from there...

This just in via Facebook--


Mothers' Day was established officially by Woodrow Wilson, after all.

The theme of home and mother so prevalent during The Great War was actually a movement of protest against entering into it, and it was in the vein of anti-war protest that we got the tune "M-O-T-H-E-R (the word that means the world to me)", a tune that became the Mothers' Day theme song for the decades well beyond Armistice Day.

Radio Time Capsule Grand Finale UPDATE: Fred doesn't know I'm recording what I can of it, although my audio player experiences hiccups periodically.  I'll be including source links on this blog, as much for my reference as for yours.  The show tonight kicked off with...

NBC's letters to Adolf: "Dear Adolf" ...followed by...

....and that, followed by CBS'  Our Miss Brooks...sponsored by Palm Olive when it used to be called "toilet soap".

Ames Brothers, then....

...and then Walter Conkrite, assigned to a Flying Fortress base reporting on The Dry Martini (aircraft).  Couldn't find the audio, but I did find the book.

CBS' An American In England (produced by Edward R. Murrow)...which kinda reminds me of the BBC World Service program of Alistair Cook's, Letters From America.

......and at this point I give up.  Fred's playing stuff I can't find now. Meh. Except this 'un...

...and of course the one Fred always ends on....

...to which I will add....

"Good night, Mrs. Calabash, where ever you are."

Monday, May 05, 2014

Post-PEGASYS debacle in the works---ATTN SUDDENLINK

Alas, entirely too true.

The City of Enid planned not only to kill off PEGASYS but also kill off any/every access the public has to what are supposed to be PUBLIC access channels.

#Suddenlink +Suddenlink Communications @Suddenlink

Suddenlink should be urged to cease its PEGASYS surcharge on all bills because the public now has no production access to what is supposed to be public access channels. It should also charge the city enough to not only make up the difference but to compensate for the bandwidth in excess of standard definition when the city demands access to higher definition channels. For starters.  The city is claiming to be a network and should be charged at a network rate, not a single entity. This whole damn thing needs to be brought to a screeching halt like YESTERDAY.

Tuesday response thusfar: I was checking the blog stats when G+ notified me of a response on the City Connections YouTube channel, and here's the screenshot:

My response couldn't fit in the window with the city's response in full display, so the following is a screenshot of my response, with the city's response condensed:

PM UPDATE: When I got back in this afternoon, I checked Facebook and saw this, and wrote a reply of thanks:

If the City government doesn't give a snit about Suddenlink customers, certainly Suddenlink does.

Thursday mini-UPDATE: Nice!

Multiple events overtake--Egypt, TPP's fragility, future time travel...

Where to begin?  I'll take a stab at a beginning by mentioning an interesting Book TV (CSPAN2) presentation made by Robert D. Kaplan regarding his book, Asia's Cauldron: The South China Sea and the End of a Stable Pacific, which means implications on the TPP, and say that I'll just mention the book at this point because so much needs to be said about so many other things as well. 

Thank you, gri, for bringing to my attention that when I first hit the Publish button on this blog, only the first draft of the blog entry gets sent out over G+ and it remains unchanged even after I've edited an entry to add stuff later.  My advice to my G+ audience is to bookmark the entries of interest to you and then revisit the blog independently of G+ at a later date.  I notice from the blog statistics that some of you are already doing that.

I will now address my critics on G+, who are both liberal and conservative but who think that international matters should be none of our business.  I'll wrap up this prolog with a piece of music from 'way back, by Spanky and Our Gang, titled "Give A Damn". Take heed and learn something.