Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Elliot Roger and Adam, a Facebook meme & a July update

I mean the Adam with no last name Adam. They're both men who made choices and claimed that a woman made 'em do what they did. Face it, guys--Christianity and its Abrahamic brethren religions themselves are misogynistic, and if you're a guy who was brought up to believe that that's how God ordered nature and nature's laws--women should always be barefoot and pregnant-- you'll regard God's gift of dominion to be an entitlement program.  Same kinda guy that thinks that men are from Mars and women are from Venus and neither are members of the same species. Men and women are different, but not THAT different.  If they were that different, they couldn't breed.

The excuse used in re: a 13 year old

Geeeeeez--some people.  But there's all kinds of people out there--hey Elliot, if you hadn't killed yourself, you'd be in jail getting hit on by ladies who think jailbirds are sexy.  Dude, you'd even get a cell mate that would hit on you.  If  loveless sex is your thing, you could have gone to a place where you could have gotten it in abundance, and you missed the boat on that too, loser.

The Elliot Roger Massacre

July UPDATE: ...in the form of "The Beyonce Voter" remark, about how women are supposed to be dependent. Doesn't matter if on government or husbands, but dependent either way.

Wise ladies know that's the mark of a male control freak, and know enough to steer clear of such a man, giving him wide berth.  Unless the lady seeks to be a trophy wife, that is.  There are such people and Phyllis Schlaffley is one of 'em.

Back in the 60s when "women's lib" was the new catch phrase, there were men who regarded that as men's liberation, too--the more independent a woman was, the less of a drag she was supposed to be on a household.  Men in Muslim countries already find out on a regular basis that the more dependent a woman is forced to be on a man, the more the man gets used as a utility.  Hell, it's such men that regard women as a utility and karma's a bitch.
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