Friday, September 18, 2009

3 Unnamed Radio Stations in Enid Area Announced The Event

In my previous entry, I'd mentioned only the city newspaper. One of the organizers mentioned 3 radio stations which announced the event, and I should mention this in case any of my readers want to do a possble media demographic breakdown regarding how the 1 pm-ers managed to come at 1 pm instead of at the end of the parade, an hour earlier.

It's also worth mentioning that the organizer said that these radio stations were all related, too. I presume he meant under same corporate management. And one of these (at least) was a talk show radio.

Cindy Allen, if you're reading this (she's the editor in chief of the city paper), you might consider this event to be some pretty damning evidence of how ineffective your rag is in the area your paper's testimony to how illiterate Enidiots are. Take your pick.


Now where was I....ah, yes. Thursday's paper said that Tea Party was to be after the parade, which ended at noon; nobody at the library's grounds at noon, so I asked the head librarian what gives; saw 2 organizer guys, asked them what gives and they said the thing started at 1 pm, and so I had a whole hour to blow between the end of the parade and the beginning of the Tea Party. Talk about a bum steer.








There were tent events downtown on the county courthouse grounds after the parade, so I decided to grab a carnival hotdog and visit the tents. Lo and behold, I discovered one political tent. ONE. It was the Democratic Party tent.








As I roamed around the rest of the tents, I noted with interest that there was no Republican tent--and as everybody else in the country knows, Oklahoma is By God Republican.

I was shocked. Totally taken aback.

As I went further on my walkabout, I saw an elderly lady wearing a tee shirt emblazoned with "VOTE REPUBLICAN" and decided to ask her where the Republican tent was. Her response to my inquiries were that they didn't have one this year and it was because it was too much of a hassle to go through the red tape and telephone tag to go through with it. "So your party is that sure of itself, is it?" I asked, and there was a vigorous denial.

With that, I have another correction to post here, besides the bit about adding the radio information in addition to the local newspaper--the lady I just mentioned is the third known local to have shown up at the Tea Party, but it was neither at noon nor at 1 pm sharp. She showed up considerably after 1 pm. Still, when gubernatorial candidate Randy Brogdon got up to speak, he claimed that the crowd numbered 150. Readers who still have their calculators out, make note that it's 3 locals, not two, out of the claimed 150. Me, I'd put the acutal number closer to 100, but that's still not much of a better picture of the locals.

About that pic of the steers running a red light...I missed a better camera shot, alas. The better camera shot would have been the one capturing the cop car bringing up the rear with its rooftop lights flashing. I could have captioned that one "In Hot Pursuit Of Red Light Scofflaws". Wish I could have talked a cop into a pose with a steer, with his ticket book out, too.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tea-Peed in Enid--The Beginning.

This article which appeared on Page 2, Section A, on Thursday, September 10, 2009, became Clue One as to how fake the Teabaggers who showed up on the following Saturday were.

The article states that the Tea Party was to begin right after the Cherokee Strip parade. When I walked to the library right after the parade, the grounds looked deserted. I went inside the library to inquire where the Party was. The head librarian wondered what I was talking about, and I told her what I'd read in Thursday's paper. She said she didn't know anything about it, which was odd because she attended the previous Tea Party.

Oh the story gets better, folks.

We went over to the west window of the library and saw two guys setting up card tables, and concluded that this must be the event. I went outside and inquired as to where the Tea Party was supposed to be, and they said it was to be right here, where the setup was. I then wanted to know where everybody was. "It's at 1 pm," one said, and then a man walked up to the three of us and asked the same question. "I'll bet you got your information from the paper," I remarked...and he confirmed with a nod.

Based on the information in the paper, only two people showed up--me and this one guy. Everybody else showed up at 1 pm sharp. Do the math.

....more to come as I process the pics....

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Went to a Tea Party in Enid on the west side of the city library and discovered that the people running it think that Republicans are too liberal. Friends & neighbors, here's a bit of news for ya--the bigtime media keeps wanting to put a Republican face on this Tea Party stuff just because Republicans are caught embracing 'em--but--the people running the show are NOT Republicans.

Watch this space as I add pics and details to this story at a later time. The yellow flag behind this guy, held by a buddy, is New Hampshire's "Live Free Or Die" state flag; the other one, the "lone star flag", he says is the flag for States' Rights. He seems to have not noticed what a failure the Articles of Confederation were....not to mention what a failure the Confederacy was.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

This business of racism regarding the Cambridge Police Dept. needs more context than it has been getting. Never before has the issue of racism from the points of view of all involved has been more important--and yet due to squabbles over copyright type rights, a significant TV program which addresses numerous points of view on racial issues has not been re-run, not even on TVLand.

I refer to the Fox TV series "Alien Nation". The 2-hour pilot of 1989 alone addresses many of the issues addressed by the real-life Cambridge incident.

The movie it was based on, starring Mandy Patinkin and James Caan, also cuts no PC corners on the matter, yet I haven't seen a listing on any of the cable movie channels for it. Could it be that CBS's name is on it as well as 20th Century Fox's? AND gets lead billing?

I can't think of a better time for all aggrieved parties of both the movie and the TV series to resolve disputes YESTERDAY and re-run both on the air. Better yet, some interested 3rd party (BET?) buy 'em BOTH out and air them while the topic is still hot. It's the best chance we've got for making a difference in race relations.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

New Google/Blogger crap SUX

Finally ran the gamut of the new Google hurdles imposed on Blogger, and after pages and pages of generated errors, I'm finally able to access my Blogger blog again.

Blogger couldn't have made a bigger mistake. BLEAH.