Saturday, February 28, 2015

Snowmageddoblizzardocalypse--catching up on indoor backlog

Ya, don't worry 'bout me, I'm not caught under a massive snowplow mountain.  I'm just attempting to make a dent in my video backlogs while snowed in and all.

Actually, the snow's not bad here in Oklahoma.  I'm just glad I'm not in Massachusetts.



Ya, getting stuck at home on a Saturday night sucks, doesn't it...unless you're an internationally minded armchair traveler via shortwave radio...which will suck if propagation conditions are lousy.  I got your Plan B right here, folks! Mollie B's Polka Party. True Confessions Time, people--I was a Yankovic  fan long before there was a Weird Al. And different nationalities are all related to the polka: Slovak, Hun, Czech, Mexican (you heard me: MEXICAN), German, etc.  Here's a reminder that Mexico used to be part of the Habsburg Empire before the Great War broke out.  Anyhoo, even if you don't cut rug, a polka will get you tappin' yer would its cousin, the schottische ( more history HERE). Don't leave out the ländler, either.

Oh sure, I already know--Frankie had something to do with time...

Speaking of Habsburgs, here's another toe-tapper for ya, straight from Austria...

Sunday mini-UPDATE: Emma Goldman's in the can. Chalk that one up to a snow day well spent.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Enid, tonight's Commission Study Session addresses ETN and some false claims by Kime

...particularly his claim that Chautauqua isn't censored.  Catch that on a repeat on ETN or online.  The bullshit runs thick.

On the sorta-bright side, I was advised to resubmit Punched Out Judy and Summer Chautauqua 2014--Edith Wharton.  Instead of thumb drive submission this time, it's gonna be hard-copy DVD.

Saturday mini-UPDATE: Looks like Facebook decided I was a real enough person for THEM, months after I kept telling 'em to eff off each time they sent me an email notification, cuz they kept denying me access.  Well, Facebook can STILL kiss my ass. G+ is still better.

"People often find it easier to be the result of a past than a cause of the future." --anonymous

Monday, February 16, 2015

This can't possibly happen here!


Naw. Just not possible. Is it. Huh. Right?

It's a very good argument in favor of a pipeline, though, isn't it. Huh. Right?

While Enid builds dog parks and ferris wheels and massive hiking trails through pit bull puppy mill country, it pleads poverty when an elementary school's red capped fire hydrant needs to be made capable of fighting a school fire, so--burn, baby burn. Nobody in Enid government cares.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy V-Day! Fifty shades of Ulysses, Sunday mini-update

Things like that are always a novelty to the upcoming generation, but a good many of us old pharbts know that such phenomena crop up periodically, and some of us old pharbts from academia (literary, specifically) are all too painfully aware that what becomes the buzz of a given society, current or past, also becomes mandatory reading.

Such was the case of James Joyce and his ponderous tome, Ulysses, and such was the case with Freud, the Masters & Johnson studies, the Happy Hooker series, and on and on.  So no, I'm neither going to read the Grey book nor see the movie, having already suffered under reading Ulysses, thank you very much.  Just because something causes the society to buzz doesn't mean that it's actually a good read.


Had an interesting exchange with someone who shall remain nameless but will doubtless recognize himself in this missive should he wander over to this entry.  It was on a topic that began some time ago regarding a poll that the Enid Eagle was running, showing Vanhooser up 60%.  At the time, I observed that the Eagle also cited a poll which showed the Enid Parks Master Plan quite popular, too, and mentioned that the issue was the Eagle's credibility, which I didn't think amounted to much, and was on the same credibility level as its Readers' Choice contest. The fellow in question soon thereafter went out and endorsed Vanhooser, and the recent conversation involved just how badly Vanhooser got his ass handed to him, in which said fellow pooh-poohed the credibility of the Eagle's "online poll".

I'm quite pleased that this gent has finally come 'round to my way of thinking, but where does that leave our intrepid Enid Eagle, exactly?  Will such a credibility issue be reason enough for that rag to discontinue "online polls"?  I mean, it's not like it was EVER famous for being accurate; inaccuracy has been one of its time-honored traditions and this particular inaccuracy is one to be bragged about for decades to come.

The one thing he and the Eagle had in common was that neither entity wanted to admit that I had anything to do with Vanhooser's precipitous drop. and so I find myself now championing the accuracy of the Eagle's poll as a bragging point.  Are they going to now tell me I shouldn't, because they admit that the poll was bogus, functioning as the paper's subterranean means of contributing to Vanhooser's campaign in hopes of exerting influence on the future vote?  Ah! Good question! If that was the intention, if proven, then the Eagle exercised a Keystone Kop effect, and we should blame the Eagle entirely for Vanhooser's nosedive, huh.  Not buying that one, sorry.

No matter how you try to slice this pizza, it's still a chuckle pizza.

Ward 6 is Vanhooser's ward, and out of the 6 precincts in that ward, Vanhooser won just one precinct, by just one vote. He also won one precinct in Ward 4, in which there are a total of 4 precincts.  When I heard that Vanhooser lost big, I made the presumption that he at least won all the precincts in his own ward. Surprise, surprise, surprise! 

Sunday mini-UPDATE: Gotta field another comment about the election, and to that person I'll say that it all depends on how you look at things.  

  • Vanhooser got a drubbing after leading the Eagle poll at 60%, and that's a fact. 
  • There are over 3,000 registered voters in Ward 5, and that's a fact. 
  • Only 800 of those 3,000 turned out to vote, and that's a fact, a fact which indicates that 600 voters were, in the main, components of the Wilson machine, rather than this being a case of Ward 5's voters being thrilled with her poor performance.
  • 200 of those voters voted for me, and that's a fact, and for a first time rookie, not bad, given that this was roughly 1/3 of the turnout. In terms of campaign cost per vote, it's actually outstanding.
What's also a fact is that one wardsman cannot even squat without 5 other wardsmen on board with the one wardsman, so--
It appears to be a fact that, given my supporters in the other wards, evidenced by Vanhooser's massive nosedive, I have Ward 5 surrounded.  Wilson now faces a stiff headwind if she wants to accomplish more ferris wheel nonsense projects.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Too luscious to not share--plus math update

Oooooops--I plumb fergot to mention that I took down big-spending  leading-in-the-polls-at-60-percent Vanhooser for a lousy $180-ish bucks.  $100 of that was the registration fee. 60 some-odd was for the PDQ printing order and the rest was 300-for-a-buck index cards marked with Sharpie markers.

Total handbills (cards plus door-hangers) distributed: a little over 1,000 and there are over 3,000 registered voters in Ward 5, so distribution total rather closely matched the votes I got--damn amazing level of productivity, that. If/when I run again, that same strategy will be the method of choice, as I'm certain that if I had distributed twice that many, I would have gotten 2/3 of the vote. Vanhooser blew a wad on buttons, signs, newspaper stickers, radio spots and robo-calls, and yet didn't get anywhere close to that nearly 1:1 ratio of productivity that I got.

Okay, so a lot of strategic legwork went into that, too, and for that, I thank my volunteers profusely. Yes, I lost for a reason...but so did Vanhooser, and he lost a whole truckload lot bigger than I did, ha.

Oh, the irony-------the irony!  The bonus was how little was spent and yet produced almost one third of the Ward 5 vote. By all means, call this the new low in politics!

And now my supporters understand why I wasn't asking them for money. But this I ask again: Tammy who? Who's Tammy?


I had to chuckle when someone pointed out that a 1:1 ratio of production would be 1000 flyers = 1000 votes, and what I got was 1000 flyers = 200-ish votes.  Well, that statement would be true if all 3000-ish registered voters in Ward 5 turned out, and they didn't.  Most of Ward 5 didn't turn out to actually vote for Wilson or for me, so that's what tosses this argument into a cocked hat.  It's also a fact that makes the Eagle's claim that Wilson's win was impressive completely bogus.  What happened was a typical turnout, and that's why I was saying all along that I would have been successful if I could have raised the turnout numbers, and that the public opinion that the City wouldn't change no matter who is elected was deeply ingrained over decades of neglect.

It is also the case that Vanhooser's massive throw-lots-of-money-at-it didn't drive turnout, and this is something I knew at the outset: yard signs, buttons, mailers, robo-calls, ad buys on radio and newspaper do not drive turnout and so I was not about to raise money for any of that--it would have been a waste, and that's a lesson Vanhooser is just now learning.

What we're actually looking at is a percentage of the percentage that turned out, so we need to get beyond basic 7th grade math to correctly analyze what happened.  What happened was numbers that told me what the size of the Wilson machine is, and her yard signs informed me exactly who belonged to that machine, particularly the commercial membership, therefore it informed me (albeit too late for this election) where and how best to turn that around (targeting), but for the future. 

What happened was numbers that confirmed my evaluation of the futility of blowing money on yard signs, buttons, and all the typical nonsense that political campaigns blow money on. What the numbers told me was that driving voter turnout involves ground work during a time period that exceeds the months between filing for office and the election, so the serious work toward a serious run for office doesn't end now--it begins now.

And it begins with a fresh record of taking down Vanhooser, compared to which, Wilson's just chump sofa cushion coin.  Betting on a rookie politician to make a big difference is a bet with bad odds, but now I have a record: this rookie can and does make a huge difference.

What I have now is 4 years to cultivate my voter base into a movement.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Ohhh, it's a pool pool world!

Took most of the day offline for a much needed respite from the rigors of local politics. Came back late at night just to check blog stats and found a new comment on the previous post that was nice to see, from an old PEGASYS alum.  Managed a snappy response and so took a screenshot of that to post up here, in case there's any lingering doubt as to how delighted I am with the outcome, although it would have been nicer to kill both those birds with a single stone.  Out of the two, I did nail the pricier one. And so I continue being insufferably smug for the rest of the day.

Thursday mini-UPDATE: wonderful editorial in the Enid News-ain't-got-nothin'-to-do-with-it & Eagle this morning--they gave me a big promotion.  I was so impressed that I sent the following Valentine to Dale Dewitted just a few ago:

Gee, since when was an incumbent cake-walk an impressive win, hm?  Thanks for promoting me from a nobody to a formidable opponent.

Luvz ya! 

And I found this on the blog this morning, to which I responded:

 Ain't it grand how even the Eagle is in favor of depleting downtown business and moving that to Meadowlake?  The Eagle is also overlooking the presence of the OK Attorney General in our City government, and he ain't done with it yet.  Ya, "forward thinking" Wilson is now just a sitting duck (her loss would have meant that the legal issue was history; as long as she retains her seat, the state level legal issues remain active and I'm not talking about the simple matter of having to re-vote over 100 appointments), and all's well with the universe.  I wonder who the City is going to appoint to fill seats for Ward 1 and Ward 5.  I also wonder who the Eagle is gonna replace Dale with when the home office in Montgomery gets wind of a libel action. Had I won the election, I couldn't claim actual damages (setting an amount for actual damages might be difficult to set, but punitive damages are indisputable). For the time being, it's clear that the Enid Eagle endorses state-law-violating corruption.

It's looking like I'll be able to nail 3 birds with one stone. Or four.  What's clear is that if I had succeeded in pocketing that ole cueball, I would have scratched; things are working out a whole lot better this way.

"Well you don't tug on Superman's cape; you don't spit into the wind; you don't pull the mask off the ole Lone Ranger...even if you DO got a two piece custom made pool cue..."
--Jim Croc
Possessing a solid command of english never hurt, either.

To Sir Skeptic out there, who said I couldn't do it.  Sir Skeptic, that's what the IBEW and the Illinois Power Company told me when I insisted on back pay.  I got the back pay.