Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Meredith Vieira's #WhyIStayed speaks for many, many, many women

By now, Meredith Vieira's story of domestic abuse has made the rounds in the news circuits and she makes a number of good points.  Not that I was ever in an abusive situation myself, being someone who has successfully avoided such entanglements thusfar--but I've known a good number of women who were, including but not limited to a woman who went back to the guy who knifed her and she dropped the charges.

If it looks like a skunk and smells like a skunk, it probably is a skunk.

There's not a whole lot to be said for belief in this thing called "woman's intuition" when you see so many women getting stuck like that, or when women get cheated on and she's the last one to believe that it actually was happening "under her nose" while being totally clueless when all the clues were there.  Women who are fortunate to have avoided such men as that were more than just lucky, though. They could tell, you can call it "woman's intuition",  and acknowledge that these women were actually paying attention to it.  It's not the exclusive purview of women, though; such characters as Sherlock Holmes and his side-kick Watson used their intuition to great advantage, and yes, they were fictional characters but the product of the mind of a male.

So is the concept of marriage as a definition of property ownership right down to a male's concept of children and mate as chattel.  Sure, women got suffrage and limited property ownership rights, but still as long as the woman was single. Marriage might theoretically be more enlightened today, but there are males out there that don't understand that, especially the steeped-in-tradition conservative types.  The woman might think she still owns herself, but the abusive spouse begs to differ.  And so I remain single, not ever having married even once. I go to bed boss and I wake up boss with no man as my lord and master. Fork that snit.

I've always been my own boss and I'll be in a nursing home first before that changes. Nobody gets away with telling me to shut up, pipe down, do as I'm told, or give me orders. Not nobody not no how, not ever.

UPDATE, Goodell Statement Edition: I'm seeing some quoting polls how fans don't think this man should step down.  I'm seeing a league that has made no move on this issue until the sponsors started pulling their support. The NFL has never been concerned before about the issue at hand and isn't concerned about it now--the only thing they care about is the sponsorship.

I'm seeing a union that's too interested in covering/protecting criminal behavior, and as liberal as I am, I do NOT support unions that do this.  Given the misogyny of union tradition at the get-go, and not just in sports, I'm one liberal who does not support unions no matter what.  This snit DOES stink.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday---America's religion pre-empts news. Again.

The show 60 Minutes has been delayed yet again for #!$!#@&*!! football, and I don't mean soccer. ISIS, not even you can get America's attention during football season.  Screw football--gimme HOOPS. Meh.

Oh yeah, I'm well aware of the fact that 3 high-profile suspensions in the NFL were in fact the news lately, and all of them had to do with domestic abuse, which I've addressed on this blog before, in general terms.

Football is a violent sport that has none of the trappings of gentleman sportsmanship that accompanies, say, rugby.  It's not just that sportsmanship in the traditional sense is discouraged in American football, but it fosters a culture of violence and nothing reflects that aspect more aptly than the female football fans that were asked to comment on camera.  Appalling. It's the sane fans who have their limits on loyalty, not the fans who remain loyal no matter what.

Fan loyalty is why the NFL is big business despite its official non-profit status.  The old saw "it's only a game" doesn't wash when looking at the high number of people who got maimed by it and died for it, and that includes the people who marry people in that violent religion and have kids by it and faithfully raise those kids to worship it too, all the while being tolerant of daddy when he brings his work home with him.

Please.  Too often, fan loyalty = insanity, and this is a prime case of it.  Sure, it's "just entertainment" but you gotta wonder about the sanity of people who are amused not just by the nature of their entertainments but also by the depth of their loyalty to those who conspire to pick the fans' pockets via such ephemera that leaves lasting marks on the youngsters, not to mention the women.

Me, I'm not a loyal fan of anything or anyone mainly because I've got higher standards than that. Now, come ON, America. Get your priorities straight and get on with something more important for a change.  Surprise me.

...and now I find out that the last story on 60 Minutes is about --yup-- fracgin' football. Meh and a half.

Monday mini-UPDATE: Still doing plumbing 'round here, but this time on a natural gas line. You can bet your sweet bippy I know how to do that correctly, too. Are you impressed yet, guys? Hey--up yours.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wednesday's Topic A: Jihadistan and lessons from history; Thurs. Topic A

I'm writing this right after listening to the President's Address about dealing with "The Islamic State", an entity that fancies itself to be Califate material while taking pages out of the Genghis Khan playbook and intermingling them with Western mythology about how early Islam spread, a mythology which is patently wrong.

And there's a lesson or two to be had from The Great War insofar as the other reasons that the Ottoman Empire fell.  The common denominator: Arabia, Saudi or otherwise.  You know, the home of the Wahabis, the common denominator between IS and Al Qaida.  The entirety of the Arabian Peninsula set itself against the Ottoman Empire when the Ottomans switched loyalties from the British to the Germans.  And thus we see history repeat itself more than once.

Obama's choice of words were interesting--on the one hand he says that the Islamic State isn't a state, and lists the reasons why this is so...and on the other hand repeatedly calls it "ISIL" as if it is in the entire Levant, wherein lies a portion of Egypt and Israel.  Just because it's in Syria doesn't make it in the entire Levant.  And yet Obama didn't make the case of a threat to Israel, and he could have.  Go figure.

I expect China is still reading my blog--they frequent this site with several visits every day--and China has its own situation with the Uyghurs (Turks), and common to both China and Russia, the  other tribes of Turkmen, all of which have their own visions of a grand Califate, and as such won't find it difficult to recruit from India, Kashmir, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, all of which don't find Pakistan terribly far away.  China, you have bigger problems than Japan et al in the South China Sea, you idiot.  While it may be true that western Europe is distracted by Putin's military exercises eastward, what makes you think that Putin's exercises don't also have China in mind, too? The term "idiot" just doesn't begin cover your description, China.

So you're going to go in league with the Russians, now, China?  Really?  And not joining up with the rest of the West given that IS is a common enemy, and adding the West to your enemies list? You're not just an idiot, but you're a blithering idiot, and I'm sure your fellow idiot, N. Korea, is proud of you in your idiocy. In looking at Japan the way you do, you're still stuck in the turn of the 19th to 20th century, you silly goose. Get your nose out of your Little Red Book and take a look around you at what the world is TODAY.

History is a great thing to learn from, but it's a lousy thing to keep getting stuck in.

The last time I saw a map of  the original Califate Empire, it was on The Daily Show and I saw right off how wrong it was.  It didn't show Islamic rule far enough East, nor far enough south into the African continent.  This is what I mean by erroneous West mythology regarding Islamic history, but just as scratches the surface. It's clear to me that IS is following Western mythology rather than actual Islamic history even though "Abu Bekr Al Baghdadi" (put in quotes because it's clearly a symbolic alias, not the man's real name) fancies himself to be an historian, but there are clear gaps in his knowledge.

Proof? Like I said, his strategy mirrors that of Genghis Khan; if it was truly according to Islamic history, he'd be operating more like Saladin.  He isn't, is he, my Muslim friends. Saladin. Remember him? He's the reason why the West has Freemasons and Shriners. Debatably, he's the reason the West had chivalry, too (Celtic scholars will indeed debate this, and my position would be Richard the Lionhearted import).

Thursday Topic A UPDATE: Commemorating the events of 9/11/2001 like everyone else and considering how timely it is just prior to this date to deliver a Presidential Address re: "Islamic State" and the brutalities it has committed.  And then getting a commitment from Syria's Assad in terms of welcoming U.S. air strikes on Syrian territory.

Not much different than China's threats in the South China Sea compelling an erstwhile reluctant Japan to change its mind about its trade sticking points to become more willing to sign on to the TPP without complaining any further.

It's also worthwhile stating, yet again on this blog, that the original Califate Empire was both Sunni and Shiite thanks to the accord which was reached at the conclusion of the Battle of the Camel, and Saudi Arabia might as well repent its Wahabism, which is contradicted by this and subsequent Califate Islamic history.  Wahabs just pretend to go back to Mohammed's original Islam without actually doing so, and they're frauds.  They and all their religious progeny, which includes Al Qaida, Boco Haram, the group in Indonesia, the group in the Philippines, and Islamic State, etc.  Wahabism/Salafism is a perversion.

Speaking of perverts, so are the Loose Changers/Truthers.  I've been able to debunk the lot of them by being experienced in boiler furnace combustion along with a bit of basic chemistry involving not only combustion but construction (concrete/cement, specifically).  Sure, I know that the whole purpose of the official analyses of how the Towers fell were aimed at reducing prospects of liability lawsuits, and no, I don't trust them either, but the Truthers are just 'way the hell out in orbit scientifically and are just flat out wrong across the board.

Via my new Canadian music history friend on Facebook.  She wanted this image to go viral, and so be it.

Monday, September 08, 2014

China thinks nobody notices? Plus a bunch of good Facebook images today.

I'm going to start on this post with the higher traffic I'm getting to this blog from China, no doubt coincidental to all that crap they've been pulling on a daily basis in the South China Sea.  Of course this blog has their attention as it has since the first "Chinese Occupy" event that occurred on Google Plus, and Blogger is owned by Google Plus, as is YouTube.  Shtuff is hitting the fan in Iraq, Syria, and Ukraine and China thinks what--that we Americans are too busy to care especially since American football is going to be a priority now that school has started?  Silly China--we're still involved in TPP negotiations and so is Japan.  And the corporations big enough to hold sway over that are also big enough to hire their own mercenaries, if they haven't already.

Oh, come on--the Chinese "understanding" of capitalism is just as warped as the Soviets like Putin and, like Putin, you're operating on theory without proof of the theory, and it's not like nobody's paying attention to what a sinkhole N. Korea is to you. Yeah, Japan is the main drag on the signing of the TPP, but you might consider  yourself helpful to Japan when all your belligerence makes the signing of the TPP by Japan something of a more urgent matter that it would be without your crap in the South China Sea.

Never mind the U.S.A. being the leader in herding various nations into signing the thing--considering the number of both Chinese and Japanese in Peru, you're basically appointing Peru as leader who'll ride herd on your sorry ass...and Japan's.  You're either in or you're out, and you're working overtime to count yourself out, and I don't see you making friends with Putin, either.

Tuesday TPP UPDATE: Just in via NHK Newsline--Japan's ready to sign on to TPP, so it looks like it's going to drop its tariff sticking point. NICE GOING, CHINA, AND THANK YOU.

And now for the Facebook good stuff....

I'm lookin' at you, Tipa.
Reminds me of something Gloria Steinam said about fish needing bicycles, too. Update to add a comment about abuse, given the situation with the NFL--no matter how much he makes, he ain't worth it.  Kick that bastard to the curb even if your heart has overridden your head. You'll thank yourself later.

...also known in Claraspeak as die, die trying, or give it all you've got.

Speaking of China, the following mentions corporations but should mention China as a corporation...

Hey Bob McDonnell...not that I'm an expert on this rotten institution, but this is true of all other partnerships including business partnerships, I gotta say. Todo o nada.
Wednesday UPDATE on the above topic: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that now, more than half of the U. S. population is single. NBC Nightly's Brian Williams opined that it will mean fewer kids, but me, I doubt that.  There will still be kids, I have no doubt about that whatsoever.  Religion hasn't made a difference in this arena, quite clearly; religion hasn't been able to make a guarantee of morality within the "family values" argument, either, finding instead that straying partners force themselves to stay together "for the kids", or too often as is the case in NFL's Ray Rice's case, and in the McDonnell's case, in it for both the optics and the loot.  As the song asks, "What's love got to do with it?"  Indeed.  But when you're single and in a solid relationship, love is the only thing keeping you together.  All somebody has to do is lift a hand to strike you, and you're outta there--no mess, outside of a possible restraining order

As for the kids--they're basically priced out of the market, so to speak; it'll be the youngsters who are ill-educated that will get caught pregnant without visible means of support. Our wonderful capitalist system makes weddings and kids too pricey, and people who know that won't have any. Well, not on purpose.

BOY I am SOOOOO ready for Halloween.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Is this a great state or what? Dr. Fear on KFOR & Updates

Sunday UPDATE: All things considered via my online social circles, I do believe I wanna skip over the entire month of September and get straight to the end of October, and I think this is clearly evident by the post I'm now updating. I am SO ready for Halloween.

...and there's Marie LaVeau...

....another update, cuz one of my Facebook friends brought to my attention that Angie Baby was turned into a cartoon.  Well, I'll be.

Looks like the good folks at the Oklahoma City TV station KFOR are fiends of Fear because they ran a very very VERY old Great State segment about the show being "Enid's answer to Count Gregore".  However, I just learned that KFOR also interviewed Brian just a few days ago.  I did say, in a previous post, that The Mysterious Lab of Dr. Fear had been around a long, long time, and now here's the clip posted on YouTube which shows that...yeah, this is a great state.

What has changed since this originally aired is that Trinka is no longer with us; she passed away a few years ago, sorry to say.  The radio show went bye bye when the FCC shut down the radio station for various violations.  The show also no longer airs on "channel 11", as that's one of the 3 public access channels commandeered by the City when it shut down PEGASYS.  But that's not where the show started.  It was run on local low-power TV station KXOK-LP when it was owned by a lawyer...who eventually committed suicide.  There's a lot of *real* Halloween associated with this show, folks.

The radio show was on an LPFM station that had an engineering connection to KXOK-LP, which called itself "The Rocket", and its studio was in the same building as KXOK-LP: The Broadway Tower.  One has to wonder if the ghost of Rex Faulkner doesn't come back to haunt the building.

Oh, the Doctor is up to some other pranks but I'm not at liberty to reveal them just yet.  Y'all are just going to have to wait til Halloween.

So--where do I fit in?  I'm a zombie, that's where. And a banshee. And I know every spider in that basement on a first name basis.

The Mysterious Lab on YouTube
More about Count Gregore--who has also made appearances on The Mysterious Lab
I mentioned Count Gregore earlier in THIS post, when he won an award for "Army of Frankensteins"
Wikipedia's outdated page about PEGASYS mentions the show


John Ferguson aka Dr. Finski, aka Count Gregore.

Ohhhhhh MAAAAAAN am I ever in big trouble now.

Thursdsay UPDATE: It was supposed to be just a routine surgery, but she didn't make it through. R. I. P  Joan Rivers.  Just the other day I visited a friend in the hospital and that person told me of a particular sensitivity to the surgery anesthetic to the point where this person found breathing almost impossible, so the doctor found it necessary to effect immediate countermeasures for what my friend said was over-anesthesizing.  I can't help but wondering if the instance when Joan stopped breathing if this wasn't a similar case of that.  Michael Jackson's death from anesthetic overdose should be considered when considering this point even in the context of a minor/routine surgery.

The McDonnells were found guilty of conspiracy despite their defense by way of claiming the wife's infatuation with the giver of gifts.  GOOD!

Bob: guilty on 11 counts
Maureen: guilty on 8 counts.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Saturday: Ukraine in hell and I'm doing the plumbing.

Nobody in their right mind believes Putin's excuses, but one of the things I've learned from my favorite old Soviet, gri, is that Putin's ilk has a very perverted sense of what capitalism is and it's whereby Putin's got Europe by the balls.  Europe might be hesitant, sure, but Putin would be as delusional as ISIS if he thinks it's gonna buy him an empire.

Efforts to resurrect the long-gone Roman Empire gave us both the Great War and World War II, so what we see in the Ukraine and in Iraq are just two more attempts to litter the annals of history with both corpses and massive FAILs that can be also seen in the Americas with the Incas and the Mayas. Both Putin and ISIS are trying the same formula and expect different results, so if ever you wanted proof that they're all nuts, here it is.

And so I turn to catching up on domestic chores like I do every Saturday, but this Saturday was a bit different as the tank of the toilet developed a steady drip of a leak.  Closer examination revealed that the leak was springing as a result of a failure of the tank seal where the fill valve passed through to the connection to the water supply.  It was just a rubber type thingie and so I went to the hardware store to find a replacement seal. Shouldn't be a big deal.

In days of yore, it wouldn't have been...but each different design of fill valves means different and incompatible forms of gaskets, and so instead of purchasing what should have been a standardized seal turned out to be a purchase of an entire valve even though the old valve was still operational.

Gri, NOW you can laugh at capitalism.  Go ahead.  It sucks when it comes to snit like this. I did manage to beat the system, though--doing the plumbing myself because I know how to.  I saved my ole man upwards of $50 per hour plus parts, so nobody laugh when I claim to know how a time machine works.  I can even wire up and change the oil, set the spark gap, points and vacuum advance on that sucker too, so deal with it.

I should add that what's laughable, but not all that funny, about capitalism is that it's how ISIS gets its money to do battle with western capitalist interests.  It sells oil on the open market and it's mindless entrepreneurs with an eye toward buying-low-selling-high opportunities such as what ISIS offers.  Western capitalists are basically being handed the rope they'll get hung with, according to ISIS goals. 

Another postscript, to address the skepticism regarding my qualifications for TARDIS maintenance and the terms I used that, the claim makes, is more applicable to antique technology, never mind basic plumbing.  I'm pretty sure I showed my mechanic's creds when I posted a how-to on lawn mower maintenance, in my mentioning of the function of a venturi, which is no longer used in today's automobiles for fuel carburetion. Guys, I even know how to change a head gasket, which means that I am aware of the NECESSITY of a torque wrench (which I also know how to use).  On that note. permit me to recount to you something that happened at Motorola's EPI (EMO) department when an Applied Materials epitaxial reactor failed to open its lid.

Part of the lid's function in sealing is to not only keep the introduced dopant gases from leaving the chamber, but it's also expected to keep a tight seal against the atmosphere because the chamber needs to be pumped down to a very hard vacuum, typically measured in units of Torr rather than the usual inches of mercury column.  That's how hard a vacuum it has to be.  The lid is rather large and has a bolt pattern similar to what you find on your auto's wheels (you HAVE changed your own flats before, haven't you?) but the bolts were Allen wrench type and a guy who had been assigned to dismantle the lid and remove it from the machine had stripped his wrench and purt-near stripped the heads of a few of the bolts.

Guys who know about head gaskets will already see where I'm going with this.

A different guy was assigned to the job and I was assigned to work with him (yeah, the boss was a guy who'll be damned if he'd give credit to a woman for being an apt mechanic).  The guy I was assigned with started out just fine--he was smart enough to make sure that all the bolts were tightened back down first, but he used feel to gauge the tork on each bolt head.  Then he loosened each one to the point where he thought he could remove each by hand.  So far, so good.  But when he got to the first bolt he loosened, he found that it couldn't be hand-turned anymore, and he was scratching his head over that.

You see, just before he got to the bolt he started with, he completely removed the last bolt, and that was a big mistake.  I recognized it right away, but, going along to get along, I kept my mouth shut until he just gave up and went on break to give it a rest.  Well, that's when I put the removed bolt back in, tightened it up (yeah--had no choice but to gauge the torque by feel, alas), and loosened each bolt about 3 turns at a time, going around each bolt again and again until the lid was loose.  Oh--we were not working against a vacuum, by the way--there's a relief valve that pumps in air to equalize the pressure even if the lid is still in place.  That's done every time an epi run is done and the reactor is ready to unload.

I had the lid off before the guy was finished with his break. So--what does all this have to do with navigating a time machine? Basic physics. You can't get away from it no matter what you do, so you might as well obtain at least a basic grasp of its principles.  At the VERY least.

Speaking of navigating those relative dimensions in time and space, The Atlantic produced an interesting flash video that gives a look at a "multiverse" (not a universe) which is timeley (ahem) in respect to navigation into the future, but they get the concept a bit wrong when they show infinite reflactions. The rest of the video does accurately convey the different branch-offs that is available to the traveler into the future and brings us back to the mathematical sense of the necessity of the theta sigma component in fractal time, which isn't a "time line".

The Atlantic: the multiverse 

Okay--my response to the observation that it's one thing to properly take apart the reactor lid, but what about properly putting it back together? Aye, there's the rub, and lacking a proper torque wrench with proper torque specs, putting the lid back together properly is a major issue and putting it back together via reversing the method by which it was disassembled can, indeed, cause permanent damage to the machine.  In fact, it's highly likely that the lid will be permanently warped enough to prevent a proper pump-down of the reactor chamber, ever...but only after it may appear to operate properly the first time it's used after re-assembly.

The way this type of reactor works is not just under high vacuum but also with high heat, and when the lid isn't re-assembled properly, the heat will ensure permanent warpage of the lid.  Quite so.  However, big manufacturers such as Motorola was, once upon a time, look to cut costs by demanding that their mechanics do some electrical work and some electronics specialists do mechanical work, and the mechanical physics I'm talking about here is more advanced than is the purview of the typical "grease monkey" an definitely beyond the purview of the electronics specialist.  Interestingly enough, the engineers in the QC (Quality Control) department recognized my electromechanical talents better than my immediate supervisor did and recruited me as a QC automated equipment specialist, much to the surprise of most of my co-workers and immediate supervisor.  And from that position, I was also appointed by QC to be the person who would train equipment operators on the proper use of QC equipment.  They also insist that I train any of my co-workers for proper maintenance and calibration procedures on QC equipment that might get assigned to such equipment, before they commenced working on any of it.

Sunday mini-UPDATE: Producing the Enid Summer Chautauqua performances is still a work in progress, and a rough draft of the intro is now available, just recently posted on Facebook.  It's not the final product, but, just for your amusement, here's the rough draft (in HD for a change):


The last piece of music is done by Billy Murray, already mentioned in this blog elsewhere. And I'm still a big fan of his, as well as his occasional duet partner, Ada Jones.

Tuesday UPDATE: via Facebook.
Just became an ex-fan of somebody I used to enjoy watching on the TV series, Andromeda. "Fickle fan" my ass.

Totally kicking that clown to the curb.