Friday, November 20, 2015

Calling all my coder friends, calling all Toogrians--you have the skills for this.

Here's the LINK to the article
LINK to another article on this

Yeah, gri, I do mean Toogrians too. You love Putin so much I'm sure I don't have to twist your arm to get you on board with this...or any of your Toogrians, either.  Come on, everybody.  Let's do this.

Anonymous IRC channel
Noob Guide (plain text)
Reporter Guide (plain text)
Searcher Guide



Monday UPDATE: People associated with NATO said that Anonymous should leave these actions to the professionals...but we've already seen just how effective the professionals have been; it's a matter of poor track record. And this morning, Twitter chimed in about how the Anonymous list of Twitter accounts were wildly inaccurate, whatever that means.  Here's a link to an article on Daily Dot, which will cause the Firefox browser to choke, proclaiming that it's an insecure connection:  Daily Dot article

Monday, November 16, 2015

Paris, this blog with its Linux trackers, and my friend in Cairo

I went all Snowden on those Linux trackers, pretty much miffed that every move was followed by pairs of Linux machines, and yanked 'em around for fun at first, and it is true that this blog is also generally Muslim friendly--but make no mistake: I'm all in favor of tracking whomever it is that have other nefarious interests and I hope they get caught.

It's true that my friendships have also attracted the wrong kind of Sunni evangelicals out my way and I hope they get caught too.  Linux guys, if you're going to catch the bad guys by staking out this blog, then I roll out the red carpet of welcome to you now.  Go get 'em!!!

My biggest problem with the Linus trackers is that they keep triggering Blogger stats and give me a false count of actual readers. Could I talk you guys into some kind of "silent mode" to where my stats don't count you guys?  I mean really--if you're just tracking activity, quit meddling with the stats fer cryin' out loud. I thought you blithering idiots were smarter than that.  If you're not smarter than that, then fercrissakes get a eddikashun.

Effing blithering IDIOTS.

Refugee Act of 1980 (PDF)  means that governors can't say their states won't take in refugees, and that includes those governors who genuflect to Saint Bonnie Ronnie Reagan.

Wiki page on the Refugee Act of 1980

I'm just now hearing about the manhunt in progress for that Belgian linked to the Paris attacks. Police found him, let him go, and resume looking for him. Inspector Clouseau LIVES.

And there is NO doubt whatsoever that M. Clouseau employs those clowns with the Linux machines.

Full Wonkette article

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Remarkable GOP "debate" for a change

I had a difficult time following the "undercard" session because it was all stuff I'd heard before, and I wound up wondering why Fox expended so much air time on broadcasting stuff we knew they were going to say before they said it.  Face it: the main complaint among all the contestants was that none of their "debate" appearances covered the content they'd have to buy ads for. Sheesh.

The overcard session was interesting in that it became quite clear why each candidate enjoyed the supporters that each had earned--even Jeb--but it also showed why none of the candidate contestants were capable of unifying support behind a clear leader.  For every outstanding response they gave to certain policies, they also each gave outstanding deal-breaker answers.  If you're a one-issue voter,  you'll have no problem supporting one candidate.  However, the problem lies in the fact that the lot of folks who have the same one-issue issue who agree on a single solution to that one issue are divided on the approach to the issue.  The only way out of this is to take what's good about each candidate, put those in a mixing bowl, separate that out from the deal-breaking junk and concoct a single candidate from all those disparate parts.

Yeah, that's not going to happen.  Although each candidate had a moment when they hit an issue out of the park, the rest of their response outweighed their one or two good ones and that's just that.

Sorry, guys, but you're going to continue to balkanize the Party and be unworkably unrealistic. A single shot issue does not a president make.

What amazed me most is that Fox let Maria Bartilomo out of the cage after ripping her apart the last time she was moderator on a GOP debate...but that was on CNBC, which I thought was an unforgivable sin in their view because of inherent bias.  Apparently that bias of CNBC they complain about miraculously disappeared from Bartilomo and they actually let her out in public on a debate stage--surprise surprise surprise.

Rand Paul made a lot of sense until he advocated shrinking government to anarchy size.  Somebody should tell that boy that anarchy isn't conservative; it's LEFT of the Dems.

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Enid Eagle's palacious editorial, video blog commentary via YouTube

My regular readers know I haven't posted here in a while and that's mainly because I've got my fingers in multiple pies at this time and that would really really really make the keyboard messy.

As far as the attempted coup by the Three Stooges of the City Commission, what I've done is utilized the City website to send each Commissioner a message about that.  And I've got some video footage I need to process first.

I'm certainly glad y'all keep checking back here. Thank you for your loyalty.  As soon as I come up for air, you can bet I'll comment about that along the lines of the comments I've already submitted elsewhere in cyberspace on that matter.  By all means, please do stay tuned.

Friday UPDATE: Completed the video and uploaded it to YouTube with the description stating that Brutus, Cassius, and Sancho Panza were scheming to do some backstabbing.  Enjoy!

After posting the vid on Facebook, this appeared as a comment:

Dennis is a Ward 5 constituent and one of many who feel the same way. Trouble is the turn-out, though. City government has had this ongoing problem for so long with other members of the Enid Cabal that they feel that voting won't make a difference--only the cabal members runs for office.  That's the thing which has to change.

Saturday UPDATE: Catching Brian Carr on ETN ripping into Jerald Gilbert and I'm taping it to include in a revised version of my video cuz it really does sound like these three goofs listened to his every word, got riled up, and then zoomed in on Mr. Gilbert just as if they'd saluted right after being given orders from Mr. Carr.  Oh, the next Punched Out Judy is going to be delicious!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The "deep bench" Republican debate series--WTF

Yup--I'm a registered Republican and I know I'm not alone experiencing alarm at the way the party has disintegrated into balkanized factions and then writing it off with an awkward grin as "a deep bench".  Truth be told, if they got into issues deeply, they'd be more fractious than they are now.  Call that bench "deep" all you like, but the waters the bench wades in remains pretty shallow with the mud all to easily accessible.

Like I said when I first ran for office, I'd spent a lot of time recognizing Chicago politics to where I could smell it miles away, as I hail from the other end of the state of Illinois.  I really looked forward to moving to Republican-run Arizona when I changed jobs.  Guess what--that wasn't much of an improvement, actually. Power corrupts, and this applies to both parties.  AZ actually elected the atrocity we know as "The Guv", Ev Mecham.


When I moved to Oklahoma, I first registered as an Independent, only to find out that I was denied a vote in any primaries.  When Ron Paul was on the rise, I decided to register again as a Republican.  Went to a Republican meeting in Oklahoma to find that the establishment really really really really really frowned on Ron Paul, and I'm guessing it's because, at the time, he was also working out stuff with Ralph Nader and it's the two of them that founded the original Tea Party, which I didn't mind proudly proclaiming I was all in favor of.  The Republican establishment, not so much.  Somebody reported at the meeting how Oklahoma proudly got from Washington more money than it kicked in, in taxes, and I recall speaking up saying that we would be prouder if we were self-sufficient enough that we didn't need any Washington money...and that how that statement went over like a lead balloon.  But this is the only state that gave Wesley Clark a primary win, too.

Then the Gadsden Flag Tea Party came to Enid; I talked to the organizer of the rally on the library grounds and he said that he and the Tea Party despised Republicans, and I was wondering if that didn't automatically make them Democrats.  Mike Jackson showed up to the rally and was really kissing TP butt, so I guess not, and then I wondered, why not?

Well, now that Republicans are splitting hairs over what kind of Republican is which, I'm going to just put it out there that I'm an Eisenhower Republican.  Yeah--a pre-Lyndon Johnson Era Republican, for all you David Duke Republicans out there, which is why I have as much a problem with Log Cabin Republicans as the sons and daughters of the Republican establishment have, as much a problem as our governor has, which is none whatsoever.

You highly religious conservatives brought up your sons and daughters on the straight and narrow, like the upright Christian good parents that you are, and your sons and daughters don't (by and large) have a problem with Log Cabin Republicans.  You fell down on the job as parents somewhere, according to what you believe, then.  And so you face the choice between sticking to your godly principles OR appeal to most voters against your principles so that you can win the presidency.  It should be apparent to you that those two things have become mutually exclusive at this point.  Lindsay Graham, a long time Republican establishment guy, polling at ZERO, was unthinkable 8 years ago.  Establishment Republicans can't sway the balance of power there even WITH their thumb on the scales.

The Tea Party has been hijacked by people who claim to be more conservative than establishment Republicans, trumpeting the Constitution as Absolute Law from Above while at the same time showing complete disregard for the part of the Constitution which prohibits a religious test for public office OR positions of public trust.  Threw that completely out the window.

Every once in a while you'll hear Tea Party complaints about large corporations, too, and the Republican Party used to be pro-business.  Your ultra-conservative Tea Partiers are indeed sounding more and more liberal, all the way down to deriding mega-corporate National Broadcasting Corporation, maybe because they had a problem with Saturday Night Live ever since its inception.  But NBC is a corporation, people--a rather large one, formerly owned by a corporation in every investor's portfolio: General Electric.  Oh, I can hear the rebuttals from here: it's MSNBC that's the big liberal problem.  Really? Now you guys have a problem with Microsoft now?  Microsoft is the corporation that partnered with the National Broadcasting Corporation that came up with the MS part in the MSNBC name.  That brings us to tonight's Republican debate on another NBC entity, CNBC.

And now they're all owned by Comcast, so now y'all have a problem with the Comcast corporation...except for your stock portfolio, and most investment packages have that stock included.  Get real.

I just heard the point made that the energy sector is strong BUT the state mentioned is diversified.  This is not true in Oklahoma and Oklahoma is finding out that giving preference to the energy sector to the point where it's at the expense of other businesses, the lack of diversity is what's causing a precipitous revenue shortfall in a state that has already let its infrastructure languish neglected for too long and a diverse business sector depends on reliable infrastructure just to operate.  Giving preferences to fracking industries will keep other bricks/mortar businesses out of Oklahoma because who wants to build around where a fracking industry gets free license to wreck your property, hm?  Being pro-fracking = anti-other-businesses.

It's also anti-business-workforce, too; who wants to live where your house gets to be wrecked with impunity?  Conservatives don't like big government butting in on local issues, but that's exactly what we have in this state now, with state government giving the fracking industry a free license to wreck your house and your business buildings, with the best case scenario being that it gets to wreck your inventory if any of it is up on shelves.  Clean up on Aisles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10!

The worst thing about Oklahoma conservatives is that all a big government liberal has to say is "I've changed registration to Republican and I'm a conservative!" to get their votes.  That's all. That's how we've got the throw-money-at-it City Commission that we have now.  Ward 5 Commissioner switched from Democrat to Republican because just being on the registry as Republican is magic.  Ward 6 Commissioner proclaims himself to be a conservative, but he's part of the problem of downtown business occupancy and retention as property owner, and he doesn't recuse himself from voting in the interests of his property holdings when there's a vote about what issues involving downtown.  Hasn't anyone noticed that the Ward 5 Commissioner, snuggling in with Main Street Enid and her business partners in the event throwing business simply parties away City money without making any difference at all in downtown business occupancy or retention?

They throw lovely parties downtown, but retail revenue is down from last year according to the last tax report from the state.  These clowns have been partying your money away for years, and this is all the business we get out of it.  I for one don't buy any of their claims that they're pro-business conservatives.  You got liberals partying our money away while growing big city government.  You need to get real here, people.

"I'm a delegate! Where's the party?!"

Edited to add....right after I hit the Publish button, Carly Fiorina made the same point I posted here. Qismat.  And I'll add that being anti-immigrant under the guise of being anti-amnesty = being anti agribusiness.  Seriously, GOP, get your shit together already.

Friday UPDATE, GOP letter to NBC edition: Speaking of a party that has lost its way and is now the dog getting wagged by insurgents, and making note of the fact that this is the same party which insisted that personal character was a deal-breaker issue to examine in previous presidential campaigns (Bill Clinton's case), Reince Priebus now insists that all media debates going forward have to skip over personal character questions and must function as free advertisements for the party platform:

GOP letter to NBC

Evening Edition: Well, folks, y'all knew it was a snake when you let it in.  The same Wreck-It-Ralph crew of anarchists that are enraged that Boehner took away their favorite chew toy (shutting government down) have now wrecked the GOP HQ and took Fox News down with it. Face it--these aren't conservatives; they are anarchists.  But the GOP knew that already.

To all of your Constitution thumping anarchists out there who loudly proclaim that any government is bad government, your claim to be conservatives is fraudulent because guess what else is hallowed by the Constitution?  It's in the First Amendment, next to your religion clause--it's the PRESS.

And I'll add this, since I'm now hearing that Rush Limbaugh is one of the highly suggested moderators--what they want is a self-described water-bearer, not someone in control, and not a woman like Phyllis Schlafley.  By all means, if they haven't thought that they've already made a big fool of themselves showing an inability to play political hardball.  Bunch of misogynist wimps, if you ask ME.

Saturday mini-UPDATE: 4 dead in a Colorado Springs shootout, reports CBS. And the GOP still thinks it can claim to be pro-life when, so far, they've failed to defend children's right to life in our schools. You can't be serious.

A little late on the uptake, The Guardian now reports.
 What our domestic broadcasters (other than CBS, notably) are focusing on is the rather old but still disconcerting  Twin Peaks Shootout in Texas many months ago, but it's still apropos of this topic because in talking about the current destructive nature of the NRA at the top, NOBODY is bringing up the matter of the cover they give to organized crime.  When conservatives wax critical of unions these days, they've been omitting the usual bromide about being against organized crime as being part of why they're against unions.  That's because now that unions aren't safe havens for organized crime anymore because of successful union busting, it's simply moved from unions to the NRA--there's no better protection racket than providing 2nd Amendment cover for gun runners and gangs.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Separate monarch-related post, Google beacon MLMP 2519 OCT

"MLMP 2519"

If you have used Google to search that term inside quotation marks, this blog post should be right up at the top of your search as an exact match.  The second should be the site number 2519 on the Monarch Larva Monitoring Project's website.  Why? Because...

Right now I have 3 very late straggler monarch larvae that pupated in the first week of October, meaning that when they emerge as adults, it'll likely be close to November and the big monarch migration will be over.  An expert tells me they won't make it through the winter because of their late start--at least, they won't make it to Mexico.  Purchasing Monarch Watch tags for this year is out of the question according to the website of THOSE folks, so I've made my own tags out of repurposed plastic produce labels which I've chemically wiped clean, and with acetate-capable india ink, inscribed "MLMP 2519" on each of 3 such tags.

When the monarchs emerge, I will tag each one with one tag each, but if you're reading this because you have recovered one of my butterflies, there's something else you should know, too--the tags are tint coded, too.  The number in black ink indicates point of origin, but the tint identifies the individual.  Individual number 1 died, so there is no brown-tinted tag, but individual number 2 will sport a red-tinted (rose?) tag, individual number 3 will sport the orange-tinted tag, and the last individual will be wearing plain white.

When they emerge, get tagged, and get released, I'll post pictures here.  I have my email in the header of this blog so you can contact me if you catch one of my kids, but know ye that the color tint of the tag is just as important as the number.  Thank you.

Larvae 1 and 3 pupated first; 1 was a casualty. This is 3 and when it emerges, will get the orange-tinted wing tag.
In order from front to back (or right to left if you're counting 1 dimensional placement--don't do left to right, that would be wrong) pupa number 2, which will get the rosy tinted tag, and pupa number 4, which will get the white tag.
Below is a shot of the stickers I described, but the swirly background came about by my chemically wiping the original stickers, which were sitting atop other stickers salvaged from purchased produce, so it got a bit messy.  India ink is supposed to adhere to plastic, but you can see here that it looks chipped in places, so I might have to re-do that.  And then again I might not. We'll see when the time comes.

Monday Monarch UPDATE: pupa 3 has just completed pupation as of 10:15 this morning, and it looks like it's a girl!

I can now confirm with certainty that this one is a female. And it gets the orange wing tag.

Here she is this afternoon, tagged and ready for take-off:

Change of tag plans for larva 2, and it's because of a tagging complication I encountered. They're all girls except this one, and it was the last to emerge an adult, and it just didn't like the tag.  Wing tags didn't bother the girls, they went ahead and figured out  that flying stuff, but this guy just didn't even want to try.  He sat on a stalk of tall phlox like a bump on a log for hours. Released him in the morning and by mid afternoon, he hadn't budged from the spot.

I took him back in and verrrrrrrrrry verrrrrrrry carefully used the tip of a sewing needle to gently remove the wing tag--which took nearly all of the colorful wing scales with it--and I just took a Sharpie to write "2519" on the bald spot where the sticker  had been.  Miracles of miracles, he then decided he could figure out how to fly after all.

My youngest (larva 4) matured before this guy did even though he turned pupa before the youngest did. The youngest didn't play by any of the rules set forth for how monarchs are supposed to go through their assigned stages, and zoomed through the process at a remarkably rapid pace.  Here she is, perched on my pecan-stained finger:

Here's what Mr. Slowpoke looked like last night. The youngest was already out of her chrysalis (that dangly thing on your left) and I thought his emergence was battery pooped out before he emerged, so I didn't catch it on video despite best efforts.  He's still quite a dark handsome thing in this form, though...

Now here's a pic of Little Miss Get 'Er Done Yesterday next to Mr. Slow As Cold Molasses:

October 26 UPDATE: Finalized the images of monarchs in various stages to put on a calendar, folks.  Also usable for greeting cards.  Now I need to find a reasonably priced printer to do the job.

mini-UPDATE, printer edition: Decided on PDQ Printing, and though the cost of producing calendars proved out of the question (for now) greeting cards are being printed up as I write this update. WOOT!