Friday, May 23, 2014

Blogger/Google's technological nosedive

...has been the stumbling block to my posting new blog posts. In an apparent bid to kowtow to the smart phone, it won't allow uploading standard sized videos anymore.  After some experimentation, I've found that a few will upload and most won't, and then found that if I format the videos to small iPhone standards, Blogger will accept them. Too much work--sorry.

I have an account with Photobucket but abandoned that when they went with smart-phone-only uploading. Get a clue, Google.

This has been going on for too friggin long already

Saturday UPDATE: attempting again to upload a video, and again getting the error message, and then trying the small-iPhone format work-around...a new! improved! preview of The Punched Out Judy Show hopefully coming to an Enid Public Access Channel near you, before June 30...

So basically, Blogger still sucks bilgewater and remains a major stumbling block in blogging here.
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