Monday, May 05, 2014

Post-PEGASYS debacle in the works---ATTN SUDDENLINK

Alas, entirely too true.

The City of Enid planned not only to kill off PEGASYS but also kill off any/every access the public has to what are supposed to be PUBLIC access channels.

#Suddenlink +Suddenlink Communications @Suddenlink

Suddenlink should be urged to cease its PEGASYS surcharge on all bills because the public now has no production access to what is supposed to be public access channels. It should also charge the city enough to not only make up the difference but to compensate for the bandwidth in excess of standard definition when the city demands access to higher definition channels. For starters.  The city is claiming to be a network and should be charged at a network rate, not a single entity. This whole damn thing needs to be brought to a screeching halt like YESTERDAY.

Tuesday response thusfar: I was checking the blog stats when G+ notified me of a response on the City Connections YouTube channel, and here's the screenshot:

My response couldn't fit in the window with the city's response in full display, so the following is a screenshot of my response, with the city's response condensed:

PM UPDATE: When I got back in this afternoon, I checked Facebook and saw this, and wrote a reply of thanks:

If the City government doesn't give a snit about Suddenlink customers, certainly Suddenlink does.

Thursday mini-UPDATE: Nice!

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