Monday, May 05, 2014

Multiple events overtake--Egypt, TPP's fragility, future time travel...

Where to begin?  I'll take a stab at a beginning by mentioning an interesting Book TV (CSPAN2) presentation made by Robert D. Kaplan regarding his book, Asia's Cauldron: The South China Sea and the End of a Stable Pacific, which means implications on the TPP, and say that I'll just mention the book at this point because so much needs to be said about so many other things as well. 

Thank you, gri, for bringing to my attention that when I first hit the Publish button on this blog, only the first draft of the blog entry gets sent out over G+ and it remains unchanged even after I've edited an entry to add stuff later.  My advice to my G+ audience is to bookmark the entries of interest to you and then revisit the blog independently of G+ at a later date.  I notice from the blog statistics that some of you are already doing that.

I will now address my critics on G+, who are both liberal and conservative but who think that international matters should be none of our business.  I'll wrap up this prolog with a piece of music from 'way back, by Spanky and Our Gang, titled "Give A Damn". Take heed and learn something.

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