Friday, May 16, 2014

It's Friday again (Monday mini-update) and Blogger is effing up

...which is why I haven't posted a new entry since last Friday, til now.

Enid is going through a spate of end-of-school-year musical presentations, and I have the videos, but Blogger errors out when I try to upload most of them.  It'll take some of them, but not enough.  What's called for is to sit it out until Blogger gets the infernal problem fixed.


Monday UPDATE: Blogger will take some videos but still error out on others. #FAIL
In other Monday news...some time ago, a few people on Yahoo Answers liked my answers so well that they Friended me on Facebook, and one of those Friends started a major rant about Marvel vs DC comics, which was noteworthy in the sense that I jumped in on that one for the sake of counterpoint.  He was all into glorifying DC while I took the other side proclaiming the merits of Marvel's satire, which DC never did. Marvel had a Not Brand Echh line of comics and DC never had a counterpart, I argued.

....and then I remembered something else from my comic book youth, related to all the Isaac Asimov I was reading back then....a Gold Key comic book called Magnus the Robot Fighter.   Just as I had an insatiable appetite for all things Asimov, I swear I read every stinkin' issue of Magnus, too.  When news about electronic surveillance combined with drones hits the headlines, I think of Magnus; for somebody published in the early 1960s, Magnus turns out to be eerily prescient.

Extremely late Monday UPDATE: squeaking in under the wire late at night was this item via Twitter:

Oklahoma's legal bills after that bone-headed Sharia Law deal

Update 3: Just tried to add a screenshot of the comments on that page and G+ effed up ROYALLY, crashing my browser and everything. Get yer friggin' act together, Google! #FAIL #FAIL #FAIL #FAIL #FAIL #FAIL #FAIL #FAIL

It wouldn't upload the pic, even, until after 6 tries. #FAIL #FAIL #FAIL #FAIL

Late Friday UPDATE: Checking the stats, I see that somebody has Googled "charlie loudenboomer" and got my blog. Yup, that's how search engines work, by golly.  And now I'll quote a line from the song about the MTA: "Well, did he ever return? No, he never returned, and his fate is still unlearned..." ^_^

I also see that traffic to my posts about the Great War has picked up, and I've got an inkling as to why that is, too.  Hello to you, Doug, if you're dropping by (voluntarily or involuntarily via search engine), ha.  And speaking of what's related to the Oklahoma Humanities Council and what they've never done over the past 10 years, Anthony Bourdain is doing the Mississippi River this weekend on CNN.  Definitely gonna watch THAT. wOOT and a half!!

This is a test. It is only a test...

It took 4 tries, but it went.  There's a glimmer of hope.
The City now has a significant conflict of interest with the above statement and that the cable carrier's own lawyers should look into as a possible  breach of contract after the changes scheduled to take place as of the date of June 30.

Nope--Blogger still errors out on too many vid uploads. #FAIL

UPDATE: It's May 22 and it still errors out. Meh and a half.
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