Monday, April 28, 2014

A Sterling example; a Whovian leaves latenight; a WBCQ forum legend did WHAT?!

Even people who don't follow hoops have heard about Donald Sterling's bigoted statements, and irreparably bigoted they are, described by some as a "plantation attitude".  The racism is clear cut, so what I want to address in this post is also privilege bigotry--that is to say, the entitlement that the moneyed privileged feel they have for gratitude as a benevolent provider to the have-nots.  It's racist, alright, but it's classist too, and it's as cherished a myth as is the myth of everyone being jealous of them.

The Deaf among us have already been familiar with this syndrome for a long, long time, and I suggest that everyone read the book The Mask of Benevolence for a broader view of the power of control that is expected by people who think they should be worshiped for stooping to be benevolent.

Kevin Johnson, you still rock and I'm still a fan.

Tuesday UPDATE: Sterling = banned for life. Question = what took 'em so long?

My favorite late night Doctor Who fan stirred up a hornet's nest by saying he's leaving after 10 years.  He (Craig Ferguson) said, well, that it's been TEN YEARS, and that's plenty!  I know exactly how he feels, having said the same thing about Chautauqua.  The only difference between a grave and a rut is the dirt in your face.

Since April 12, a particular Facebook thread has been rollin' like a rollin' stone even today, started by a regular on WBCQ's now-defunct forum website and who is just as nuts as the rest of us, and is just as proud of it as the rest of us are.  All he did was just post a status that tagged the whole gang including me, and we all showed up and, well, just got into a verbal/musical party.  The guy who first posted "Rama lama ding dong" started the musical stuff, and do-wop was referenced pretty much ever since...until we got to oo ee oo ah ah, and I posted David Seville's "Witch Doctor" on YouTube.

And then it went down hill from there, and it's still going.

One of the biggest benefits of being over 60 years old is all the cool music you remember.

Got a great shot of the American Goldfinch at the home-made feeder today.  The other bird is a common house sparrow (not English Sparrow). The feeder is a water container, a dowel cut to size (1/4" diameter) and one slit per side cut into it to dispense thistle seed. Needed a thick walled water bottle to keep the English Sparrows from robbing the feeder.  The shade is made of a coffee tin cover; it's quite a bit worse for the wear.
Brown Thrasher looking for lunch. Is also building a nest in the hedgerow.

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