Tuesday, April 08, 2014

A UK debate about Islam resurfaces on Facebook

...and the person who posted the video didn't give the context, nor reveal that this debate took place in July, 2013....(continued below the notes)...

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Note about another death in the virtual family: +George Strayline had to say his final good-byes to his beloved dog, Chief. This blog continues in mourning.

But the person who posted it tagged me, and a discussion ensued just yesterday.  Earlier I attempted to copy the HTML code and paste it into this blog, but got 'way too much extraneous Facebook stuff including my entire Profile page, so I'm going to have to do this by hand and by individual screenshots instead.

I found the equivalent video on YouTube, and here it is, although it doesn't have the Arabic captioning that the vid on Facebook had...

What I did on Facebook is do a point-counterpoint response, as follows...

The initial post plus taggings
Now, please keep in mind that each Comment I posted corresponds with a point made by the speaker in the video, and it is essential that you view the video first before proceeding.

The person who hit the Like button was the poster...who clearly did not Like the other things I had to say.

....and finally....

Prior to this, about a fortnight ago, one of Tipa's friends in Morocco engaged me in a similar debate via the private messaging system on Facebook, which turned out to be another case of a Sunni evangelism toward me for the second time this year.  I may be Muslim-friendly but that is extended to not just those who believe, as this person stated, that "Ayisha is the mother of all Muslims".  All SUNNI Muslims, you mean--and word to the wise among any other Sunni evangelists: I'm too smart for that shit.  Deal with it.

Edited to add the list of the 5 major schools of Sunni religious scholarship: Wahabi, of course; and there's Hanafi, Shafi, Malaki, and Hanbali.

Mini UPDATE on blog stats: I noticed this afternoon that there have been single hits on each of my old postings involving time travel the way THIS Clara (yours truly) does it, and teaches it.  That's either one of my TARDIS navigation students, or it's TARDIS Wiki, probably investigating my claim that I'm a TARDIS navigation instructor.  If it's you, Wiki, then you can see clearly a sample of classwork and assignments in the Introductory level, with a few minor instructions of intermediate level.  I wasn't lying!  The old timers on Tom Baker's forum can attest to the fact that, while I was there (and before I deleted my content), I was in fact the original Impossible Person Clara that predates Oswald by a good number of years before she was a twinkle in Moffat's eye.  The decade-long trail of frustrated historians I have under my belt is very very real, and mentioned in various entries on this blog. Everything I've said on Wiki is true.  Want to sign up for classes?

Even just my Russian buddy, gri, can attest to the fact that I've had this motto--like, FOREVER. I'll bet he even knows who I'm quoting here--Mikail Bakunin.

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