Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Night Party Memorial Tribute to Bill Bergadano happening now on Radio Scooter International as I write this.  A sked conflict arose in the form of a Doc Bryant appearance, and I'm a huge fan of his.  Will post a video ere long of that, but I have to preface that with the statement that he's really showing his age via noticeable diminished lung power on that horn.  What I don't doubt is that he'll probably still be playing that thing as he asks Gabriel for a jam session.

Well, that was quite a show, interspersed with clips of Bill himself.  I never got around to processing that Doc Bryant video tonight.  What I'll do instead is close this post (til tomorrow, anyway, when I'll do an update) as Bill closed his show...."Take it away, Shirley!"

Hokay.  Here's Doc Bryant at the Red Dirt BBQ event.  Quite frankly, I've heard him do better, but, quite frankly, that was when he was younger, before his trip to Austin TX.

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