Wednesday, April 02, 2014

A fool and his money are some party. R.I.P. Bill Bergadano.

I'm talking about the Supreme Court decision today regarding money as speech in politics where mega-money = mega-phone.  And yeah, what we know about Sheldon Adelson's harem of bitches is that they all want him to pimp them out.  And I'm sure he enjoys each and every one of their 7-Veil dances.

Oh, look on the bright side--Adelson couldn't buy an election last time and here's the fool and his money Republican Partying again, so we all know what a party animal he is. Keep in mind that when his bitches go to spend all that loot, they'll be spending most of it on the liberal media instead of sitting on the cash so long that it hatches silverfish.  The floodgates of money will be open, there will be so much cash in circulation that the Fed won't have to print up extra anymore, and the worshipers of mammon will enjoy a devaluation of their fortunes caused only by their god of supply and demand where their $ supply will now = demand for prime air time slots, a demand will exceed the number of hours in a day, meaning that the primest of time slots will go to the highest bidder, thus raising what the liberal media can charge per minute....rather, per second, in terms of 30 second slots which are the current metric.

I can live with that.

Friday April 4 UPDATE: The idiot who brought the lawsuit in the first place appeared on All In on MSNBC and said that what we have is a "political marketplace", and the court agrees that politics necessarily is bought and sold--that's what a marketplace is, that's what it does.


This blog is once again in mourning--this time because of the passing today of a familiar person in shortwave radio circles, especially among the Winterfest regulars. You left us too soon, Bill Bergadano. We will miss you on Radio Scooter International, too. :'(

Friday April 4 UPDATE:  Fred Waterer announced that all programming on Radio Scooter International is suspended until after Bill's funeral.  Shortwave folk who read this blog are encouraged to visit Bill Bergadano's service site .
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