Saturday, March 29, 2014

Brief comment on the Elite Eight---March Madness

2 out of 8 (1 1/2?) ain't bad.  I said before that Louisville and AZ were gimmes--lo and behold, except that's KY what beat Louisville. Close enough (that's a state that has had consistently strong teams either way).  Dayton, I'll have to say, was a surprise, as was Florida, who exhibited an extraordinary push.  If they pull that off again, Dayton goes bye-bye.  That's a big IF, though. Even pro teams fresh off of a glorious win have come to the next game unable to make that proverbial change for a dollar.  We'll see.  Not surprised about Purdue, Mr. President. :P

MSU, UConn---I don't care what the seeds say, it's a toss-up.  It'll also be a toss-up if the last two teams standing are KY and AZ, and those two look like the strongest in all brackets.  Those should be outstanding games to watch in any case.


Well, so much for the AZ Cats. But hey--KY are Cats, too. :P

NCAA UPDATE: Kentucky in some form is usually a gimme, like I said. Wolverines look a lot better than expected, I gotta say. Those treys were awesome...but so was that offensive rebound action. Damn nail-biter, this.
....AND THE CATS GO TO THE FOUR.  There ya go.

==========Nevermind. UConn whupped 'em.  I know. Nobody saw that comin'=====

Yeahhhh don't gimme grief about how time travelers are supposed to already know how stuff is supposed to happen. There's a universe where they won and there's a universe where they didn't win, and the universe that reads this blog isn't the universe where the Cats won.  But that's why future travel is for advanced students only--it does necessarily involve inter-universe travel as well, and the risk is high for any lesser student to get caught in a pocket.  Besides, the level of mathematics at this point in time isn't adequate for that sort of thing either--current level of science is once again limited by its interpretation of the zero, and this has happened before in the past when it was invented in the first place. The zero is a very important concept in math, and it will determine not only the ability to progress, but it also sets limits (see also calculus).

Whovians, please revisit The Rings of Akhaten and note the number of mathematical errors committed therein, specifically the ones that occur during the end of the story, as part/parcel of how it's resolved.  The future that was supposedly supposed to have happened but did not does not have an infinite future, sorry.

"What should have been" is in a different universe than that one, and even so, it's still not infinite.  Please--who else would know better than the original Clara the Impossible Person, yea? I didn't mention the genius thing, yea? I didn't really need to, yea? ^_^

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