Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Arab Spring to Arab Winter: Egypt. Consider the source.

As MH Flight 370 and Ukraine go wall-to-wall on U.S. media, events in Egypt have been mentioned in passing.  Al Jazeera, on the other hand, big-deals the situation as it still has issues with Egypt arresting its journalists on the charge of associations with the Islamic Brotherhood, and Qatar, the home base and, frankly, the controlling interest of Al Jazeera, doesn't exactly have clean hands itself.  I remain amazed at all the high-profile U.S. journalists who went aboard the Al Jaz ship, apparently figuring that it was no worse than working for the state-run BBC either.

Ummmm, not quite right, I'm afraid.

I'm no fan of the Islamic Brotherhood, but I'm particularly worried about my Egyptian friend who was, and who also was working for Radio Cairo when I stopped hearing from her.  I have to say I'm no big fan of a military-run government either.  From my perspective, Egypt is now embroiled in the worst of all worlds, and as somebody who has  been a fan of Radio Cairo since the late 1960's, this really really really pains me a great deal.

But, viewed another way, the riots engaged in by the Brotherhood basically handed the military an excuse for its ruling, that, when read in full, the death sentences were meted out as a consequence of the riots that took place when Morsi was taken out of power for the abuses he committed, and a lot of people died in those riots, and because of the actions of both the military and the Brotherhood.

This is no way to run a government by elected people on behalf of all the nation's people. There are no clean hands here.

Coincidentally, Jimmy Carter is making the press rounds about violence committed against women, but is he addressing domestic violence here in the States? No. He's concerning himself with human trafficking, of females, even girls, and the tribal practice of "female circumcision" which he calls "cutting".  It's been brought up as an issue before in challenging my friendship with Muslims, but it's these same people who do not have a grasp on the basic distinctions in Islamic law.  Even if you disregard the differences of law between Shiites and Sunnis, it's important to understand that under either, Sharia law upholds tribal practice as legitimate Islam, and this cutting is a tribal practice, not a practice central to Islam, Shiite type or Sunni type.

Get it? Got it? Good.

How can a woman be in favor of the type of government that the Islamic Brotherhood trumpets when Islam is, in Western view, oppressive to women?  I can understand it, and that's something that a lot of people don't understand about me either.  You see, I don't pick and choose isolated incidents of history to make the case--I take it all in historical context, and that includes the validity of issues surrounding Ayisha.  It's not like Christians never did such things at the time.  They did, and worse.  Deal with it.

Wednesday Egypt UPDATE: I just heard that Sisi resigned from the military so that he can run for president...and if he's elected, he's essentially Commander in Chief even though we're talking about the Egyptian Constitution, not the U.S.  It remains to be seen if that's like electing Eisenhower to the presidency of the U.S. or if it's just another avenue for military rule.  I remain skeptical.  Fact remains that Sisi did what he did because of the non-military Egyptians who didn't like what Morsi did, and that includes those who voted for him.  Now the Brotherhood prefers the current press characterization as "the opposition", I see.  Here' s a reminder that not all "opposition" necessarily shares the view of the Brotherhood, but it's the Brotherhood making the most noise about it and it has a friendly press outlet in Al Jaz.  Here come the weasel words.

This is no April Fool's joke--Egypt April UPDATE: I decided to check the Facebook status of Radio Cairo to North America and found that the last post she made was in January.  April 1 is her birthday...

It's a florid story about a wedding, and she hasn't posted since, to this day April 1 2014. I do not Like that.

In other news, on Facebook Fred Waterer  hosted an impromptu Radio Time Capsule, which (more typically) airs weekly (more or less) on webcaster Radio Scooter International, running some great stuff with Jack Benny and Mel Blanc, tonight.  He closed the show with the usual signoff, which included The Good Night Song...and he sent me a file of it tonight but in doing so included a quotation well worth sharing with time travelers and historians alike...

Indeed.  Veritas. Fred's show began on a Tuesday but has been most regular on Sundays, 9pm Eastern. Tonight's rendition was unscheduled, out of the blue, announced at basically the last minute by his FB posting.

By golly, just before closing down for the night, I even found the tune on YouTube. It's a lovely piece well worth sharing with everybody.

Good night everybody, everywhere.

Friday evening UPDATE: Bad news from Radio Scooter-land....

The older we get, the more we appreciate our aging peers...but...the more frequently we expect to hear news like this about or from our favorite people. Fred's no spring chicken, either.  Hope he holds out til Bill gets back. Bill better be back.  I hope.

Friday UPDATE 2: That's our Fred....

Yeah, that was the improptu show last time. Johnny Lightning, whom I may know? (upper right corner there). Indeed I do, from WBCQ, The Planet. I just dunno about being a FB Friend, though. ^_^

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