Monday, March 10, 2014

Ghost up-giving: Dan Robinson & time travel classes

Those of us who remember Dan Robinson as just another fellow DX radio hobbyist were always quite proud of him making it into the staff of the Voice of America.  But now he's not just retiring--he's fed up, according to what's been reported by BBG Watch.

This is just as big a deal, if not bigger, than the death of Don Jensen.  The radio world just isn't going to be the same after this.

Tuesday UPDATE: World Science U finally put some classes online--had to register first, though.  As I mentioned before, I intended to sign up for the time-space class and sorta did so at this point.  There are two of them: non-mathematic and mathematic, which states that only high-school level of mathematics are required.

The math class.
The mathless version.
I registered for the math version, but after seeing that nonsense about the speed of light explanation on the Colbert Report, I'm tempted to register for both.

In any we go, friends n neighbors....
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