Monday, March 17, 2014

Late Monday/Early Tuesday Flash to Michigan.

The Michigan Area Radio Enthusiasts have been circulating some picture claiming that it's me and Marie Lamb wearing the latest radio head gear.

I wish.

I'm callin' you out on that, Zichi.  WTF, man?

Copyright schmopyright, Ken--I'll have you know that "fiddlesticks" has the "look and feel" of a trademark I own, and that's FIDDLSDX.  That's a club founded in 1978 by me, Carrie Ketchumal and Mao C. Gung Ho, a report of which was published, with permission, by the Review of International Broadcasting, buster.

{of course I'm laughing my arse off. It ain't often that a satire--me--of a satirist--Charlie Loudenboomer--gets satirized}
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