Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Fertility Day, everybody!

...unless y'all try to tell me that it's Jesus that lays the eggs.  Not buying that one.

I wanted to comment also on yesterday's news that Glenn Campbell entered an institution for Alzheimer's disease, and that's mainly because I'm genetically predisposed to the same condition.  My dad died with it, and I'm starting to show symptoms. I'm putting y'all on notice that if you thought I was a pain in the ass know it all before, you ain't seen nothin' yet.  I'm going to make use of what brains I got left as long as I got any left, and with no apologies.

Where I am, I am in good hands. Luvz ya all.

Sweet Caroline, we got a lot of catching up to do about Ardd, but that's a whole lot of old water under the bridge. I hear that you've been showing up at Linc's place again...but Ardd and Apple...dunno what to say, even still.

Falcon, I'll yank your chain in a different venue, as I will other folks I've not mentioned here.

Ha.  Just now making the rounds on Facebook is an appropriate image for this segment. It's very true. The people I don't exactly know but who have made a point of making me smile feel like family even so.

This just in: Fred Waterer said that the dearly departed Bill had paid up the bills for Radio Scooter International right up to today, the 20th, and the future is uncertain. The Radio Time Capsule is being presented tonight as if it's the last show...and you're welcome, Fred, thanking me and George and Don and everybody by name on your show tonight.  Louis Prima is now playing, via AFRTS on the One Night Stand program, 1944.  GO LOUIS!

Hey Fred!  Just for you--

Monday Mini-UPDATE: Just a note about seeing ole J.J. on the Dave Letterman show, talking about the PBS show "Pioneers of Television", and talking some about Norman Lear. J.J. mentioned an impressive list of Lear's shows, but left out one of my favorite spin-offs that went from All In The Family to The Jeffersons to the show that J.J. left out.

That would be 227, starring that lady who was the Jefferson family's mouthy maid. I've been a long time fan of Marla Gibbs.  She rocks.
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