Friday, November 28, 2014

This is quite fun, Ward 5 City Commissioner Tammy Wilson

You've lodged another complaint with YouTube about my posting the police report video of the Halloween event you usually take all the credit for.  You're a public figure, hon, and I know that the public record video will easily pass any scrutiny performed by YouTube.  But it is so much more fun deleting it and reposting it because every time a video is posted on my YouTube channel, it automatically gets distributed on both G+ and Twitter. Plus it keeps you and your cronies coming back to my blog again and again and again and again.

I could do this waltz with you all week, sweetie.  MmmmWAH!
And this, well before we hear from the Oklahoma Attorney General's opinion of the Enid Permit (Parks) Department.  That's still pending.

Oh, I almost forgot to thank you for being such a loyal fan of my blog.  I hereby appoint you as President of my fan club, with profuse thanks for all the traffic to here.  There's something I can donate to your re-election campaign, as it happens--I can make a lot of DVDs of that and pass 'em around like campaign fliers. Thanks to the Black Friday Sale at Staples, a DVD disc is like 20¢ a pop. Luvz ya!

Oh gee, I almost forgot to mention---MSNBC Newsvine. And the fact that my friends that are still on Facebook share this blog as well as G+ postings on Facebook. {....singing & strutting to.....MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This"}

MC Hammer - You can't touch this by henki8

Interesting Comment I got on this blog entry--a fan steps forward to identify herself in public. +Amy Swanner , friend of Ward 5 City Commissioner +Tammy Wilson , as being one of Enid's public figures in the video even though only Commissioner Wilson was specifically identified.

Thank you, Amy, for providing the cool screenshot that is going into my next rendition of the reposted video.  I appreciate that.

I am more than happy to repost that video as many times as you like. And I have the "off-shore option" post the video on a foreign domain and hotlink it here in the blog.

Ain't that right, gri?  I could even hotlink it on your site, gri, huh. And everywhere else in cyberspace including Facebook, even. Grivitation RULES!

I might not be a grivitation purist like you are, gri, but I'm still a toogrian.

As for crony of Wardsman Wilson, our dear Ms. Amy...well, Tammy, with friends like that, who needs enemas?

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