Sunday, November 30, 2014

Women's issues resurface--the Fergusonizing of sports?--plus--THIS JUST IN

I'd rather watch paint dry than watch football, but there's no escaping this recent development regarding some player named Rice, caught delivering a haymaker to his wife in an elevator, and she stepping forward to make curious remarks about it.  So--what's so Fergusonish about this?

The fact that unions defend union members just like they do in the police force, that's what.  When a member steps out of line, his union brotherhood will step up to defend even the indefensible, that's what, and reinstate such people on the basis of contract terms alone.

Much earlier in this blog, I stated that even as a union member myself, the fact that unions were BROTHERhoods was exactly what precipitated my schooling the boys on how actual defense if contract REALLY works, and all this talk about frat boys and how bad Greeks are on college campuses is related to fraternities as unions.  Good ole boys clubs, to hell with women.  They might as well be the ole Spanky & Our Gang's celebrated He-Man-Women-Haters Club.

For the record, I've been a Greek 3 times over: Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Beta Lambda and Phi Theta Kappa. 2 Honors and 1 business.  There's nothing wrong with Greeks.  There's just a whole lot wrong with the people recruited nowadays to be Greeks.


Friday-after-the-Monday-Update UPDATE: You betcha I've been very busy, but at this time, not too busy to make note of the Rolling Stone retraction about their original story about frat gang-rape, and the current howling about sloppy journalism. Even in the view of the high reputation track record of the Rolling Stone, everybody's surprised except me.  Why? Because it's less a matter of sloppy journalism as it is journalism-on-the-cheap and it's the cost of high quality journalism that has been a bone of contention ever since the 3 major network broadcasters relegated their newsrooms to the profit-making department.  If you're in the profit business AND you have shareholders, Job One is to cut costs to increase profits...which means that Job One is putting the costs of investigation and verification on the chopping block.  I'm not the least bit surprised.

Monday UPDATE--THIS JUST IN: There are now 2 candidates for Ward 5 City Commissioner to choose from come February.  You have a choice between potholes-as-usual ferris-wheel-priority incumbent, or the anti-pothole candidate. You, the residents of Ward 5, are apparently more intimately familiar with your potholes than the incumbent is.

You heard it here first.

Tuesday UPDATE: Welcome to the blog, you 3 people searching out my name. Hope you have lots and lots of time for that. By all means, visit my Newsvine page and my page on Huffington Post.  Luvz ya!

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