Sunday, November 09, 2014

Thanksgiving with the natives

I already celebrated Thanksgiving with the Enid Intertribal Club. Ate buffalo instead of turkey and that suits me just fine. Here are a couple table centerpieces from the event...

It's something I attend every year (and the same is true of their Gourd Dance, which they did not have this year, unfortunately). I typically can't stand hominy but their pozole was outstanding to the point where I searched for a good recipe for that and now I make it at home, too.  Turkey? What turkey?

An attendee of the Gourd Dance would recognize this.  All the dancers carry one.

The above display decorated an end of the table where the guestbook was.  The following is the guestbook display.

The event took place at NWOSU and behind the table these things were sitting on is a dark glass elevator shaft; the images you see behind the figurines are reflections.

The meal was opened by a prayer, and during the course of the meal there were a few presentations, one of which was a video of youngsters learning the proper way to set up a tee-pee; another was a song, and another, a speech about preservation of languages.

Next, the serving table just prior to the opening prayer. Usually the elders are served first, but this time the elders called for all military veterans to be served first.

Is this a great planet or what?!

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