Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Public figures in Enid are seeking to close down my blog filing complaints without merit to Google and YouTube.  The same people who filed a complaint with Facebook that my name was fake.

So you KNOW that I'm onto something quite seriously nefarious in the City of Enid.  +YouTube , which is owned by +Google (as is +Google+ ) currently make no distinctions between videos that are on public record file (like the video filed in police report number 201413272 which was recorded in a PUBLIC park at a PUBLIC event--Halloweenid) and those that are not, to the point where their stated Privacy Policies preclude the uploading of security camera videos, police report videos, and the like provided that even a perp can complain of a privacy violation.

My friends and fans, know ye by this posting that if these entities continue to presume I'm guilty of policy violations based on false complaints by which their Privacy Policies depart from legal norms, I'll be moving again, to their competition.  +cityofenid , note ye that even though giants like Google like to think they own the entirety of cyberspace, they do not and their search engines will still produce my postings when they appear on the websites of the competition.

Hasta la vista, baby.

Hey gri--I know you're still reading the blog, my friend, and these very developments makes me thankful on this Thanksgiving Day for the time we spent working together.  It's gonna come in very handy, soon.  We disagree on the politics, but on technology, we're a winning team...until you get banned by the host, that is.  I'm about to go there and get my own domain and post all this stuff out the wazoo, which will still turn up in search engine crawlers even though the SEO won't be what Google enjoys.  What is important is that it not be censored, and I know how you feel about censorship yourself, buddy.  There, we have a common cause.  See you around the web.
To everybody else--of course there's a Plan B.  And C, D, E, F...haven't gotten to the end of the alphabet yet, but I'm closin' in on it.  You've heard the saying about bringing a gun to a knife fight?  I bring chess pieces to a checker match.
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