Sunday, December 07, 2014

Tis the Enid Season

Last year I blogged about the various open house events in Enid during December, and posted a few videos of these events--but this year, Blogger is being a bitch about directly posting videos in a blog, restricting file size to an unrealistic 100MB.  Blogger errors out even when the vid is iPhone size. I suppose that's for the purpose of "encouraging" people to post vids on YouTube and then link the YouTube vid to the blog, but with all the copyright trolls unfairly targeting Fair Use and Public Domain posters who don't fight back either because they don't know that they can, or that each complaint is just too damn much bother, that remains a big bugger with Blogger but also Google, which desperately needs to fix that problem yesterday but won't.

However, a few YouTube trolls found out the hard way that not only do I fight back, but successfully at that...but Google, good buddy, it's STILL a huge bother that diminishes all the brands affected by this where the public at large is concerned.  Fix it.

As my readers already know, 'tis the season for Enid city politics, and on December 6, the Enid News & Eagle meddled in the running field by publishing this:

What this does is revisit the horror of the City government taking over a corporation and going into the broadcasting business that it has no business getting into.  The write-up is biased in the favor of  Vanhooser, a challenger to Mayor Shewey for his office, as if a big government take-over of a corporation is a good thing. It pretends that the City money from its citizens is better spent on a media vanity project than on the upkeep of city-wide bad residential roads.

What the Eagle didn't know at the time, I'm sure, is that the Republican Women organization has scheduled a candidates' forum for January 9 and that at least one candidate that I know of is going to bring this up as a prime example of big government picking winners and losers among corporations.  Thank you, "liberal media" Enid News & Eagle.

Oh, I haven't abandoned my satiric side, though.  Just to let you know that, in light of yesterday's Saturday Night Live,  I'm also trying to work on a ditty I'll call "Men Make Big Passes At Lasses With Big Asses". Just as it is in politics: it's all about that base. No trouble.

For the next Punched Out Judy, there will be a send-up of Between Two Ferns.  It'll be called "Just Among Fronds".

You heard it here first.

Late Saturday UPDATE: I think I finally figured out how to work around Blogger's inanities regarding video uploads, and I've got a backlog of vids I wanted to post on this particular entry, beginning with the seasonal open house events held around town. Tonight I just got back from a Christmas extravaganza at the Oakwood Church, and tomorrow is the Mennonite feast, so I've been hopping lively these days.  By all means check back in a few.

...and speaking of our talented Enid High School kids...

That was the EHS Big Band.  After that, the EHS Jazz Band performed, kinda proving that not all our kids are brilliant.  Oh, the band was brilliant, but the vids I recorded were visually ruined by some brat in a seat nearby going back and forth between that seat and one further up on the other side of the aisle.  Repeatedly.  Only the sound track is worthwhile on those.  After that came the EHS Symphonic Band.  Different brat in this one, but much younger, smaller, and harder to see in the dark...but definitely there playing Aisle Tag or something...

Oh, happy happy joy joy!  Kyle Dillingham's annual church concert is on the 28th! WOOT!!
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