Friday, December 19, 2014

Neglected jewel of Ward 5: Emerson Middle School presents holiday cheer.

I've mentioned, in passing, in the previous post, the seasonal band presentations of Emerson Middle School.  I mentioned the packed parking situation but haven't presented any of the performances yet.  People on Google + and Twitter are already looking at two such videos I uploaded to YouTube, and so I'll take this time, in this separate post, to link those here, with the caveat that there are more besides these two.

Note how packed the auditorium was, too.  The +cityofenid spent big bucks with Waller and the high school while the Ward 5 incumbent rolled over and played dead when it came to advocating for improvements at Emerson, from which come the freshmen for that fancy-schmancy high school.  More's the pity because the best kids go there, as you will see shortly, below...

There were two unadvertised open houses today--one at NBC bank and the other at the InterBank, which used to be Roserock.  Both had sparse fare compared to previous years, and it's no wonder they didn't advertise.  NBC is worth mentioning because it's a strong supporter of local artists.  Its upstairs mezzanine used to be an art gallery of sorts, but the walls up there were bare today.  I was told that they do have art work in progress to be hung up there later.

Aren't video cameras wonderful?  Isn't public access wonderful? Some folks in +cityofenid don't think so, clearly, but former exec editor of the Enid News & Eagle weighed in on that...

...and...TA-DA!--I have study session footage.  Stay tuned. If I was on the Council, I wouldn't take exception to a camera. As a bonus I'd probably do a li'l soft-shoe or an impression of Edith Piaf. Ya never know--I'm always full of surprises. {Note to Kyle Dillingham--non, je ne regrette RIEN.}

Speaking of same ole potholes, there's the first Punched Out Judy Show, censored by Steve Kime and denied access to what's supposed to be a public access cable channel.  Kim Jong Un is proud of you, Steve.

Note that the following video was produced at a time when the +cityofenid pulled the plug on recording/producing Enid Chautauqua and all I had to work with were snapshot cameras that could record video, and Microsoft Live Moviemaker by way of software.  I know it's quite clunky as a result, but it got the point across.  I have since acquired one better camera and better production software.

Saturday Mini-UPDATE: The drive-around video at Emerson and the nighttime video of the parking situation will be supplemented by an illuminating daylight walk-around video which will also show the size of the parking lot that was full during the concert.  While the walk-around was in progress, one lady I talked to told me that the street was also bad further to the east and that her mother had moved there, and that the road has been bad for a long, long time.  No matter who was mayor and no matter who held office as a Commissioner, the roads were always bad and nobody did anything about it.  I told her that I was on a mission to change that.  No bought yard signs or bought street signs can beat actually getting out there and talking to people.  Nothing beats it.

The video is being processed at this time, so watch this space.  And the next time a Commissioner or City Manager tries to snooker you into voting for a vast parks overhaul or a ferris wheel or a hiking trail while whining about improving the quality of life in Enid, don't believe one blithering word of it.  Quality of life begins with quality residential roads especially around, to, and from Enid's schools.  Any other plot to improve quality of life isn't just vast--it's half-vast. So, Enid Ward 5...what has your Commissioner done for you in the last 3 years?  I keep looking for it and I can't find it.

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