Monday, February 02, 2015

Heads up, Enid! Wordcraft Alert!

Hello, Eagle! Getting into time travel now, are ya? XD
You might want to do some "investigative reporting" on the fans I have at Chautauqua. From the questions I've asked, I'm sure some of them are convinced of the time travel bit.
Yes, I have fans at Chautauqua. More than once I've been asked if I'm paid to be part of the performances.  Once, I was called a plant.  Once.

I'm just gonna say, for now, keep yer eyeballs peeled for the Letters to the Editor section of the paper.  And if the paper's circulation goes up as the result, somebody over there owes me.  Caution: sharp turn of phrase ahead!

To a certain somebody out there who refused to hear what I was wanting to say about audiences: if I win the election, you're gonna owe me a modicum of credit at the very least--mainly because I'm heavily relying on a demographic gambit, which is also keeping campaign costs 'way down. Somebody besides you knows a little something about that topic.

And speaking of campaign costs, it's all pretty clear who the big spender on political bling is: Mr. Pounces-On-Shiny-Objects Vanhooser.  I guess he took that turn of phrase during a study session seriously: "you can buy an election later".

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