Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Cart-Before-Horse Syndrome: why some think we're back'ards.

Yup, the city paper is in bed with the current City regime as it proclaims that people will be attracted to live in an Enid with years and years of infrastructure neglect just because it has new dog parks and a hiking trail:

Oh yeah, Roy Schneider--a city with a growing inner city problem is going to attract new residents. FAIL

In other news, just sent a communique to City Manager Jerald Gilbert to say that whether or not I'm elected, the Emerson School fire hydrant remains a public safety hazard and if I'm elected, that's going to be Priority One right out of the gate after swear-in.  So is the matter of the Kaw Lake pipeline being a bad idea because that's going to be strictly a City expense.  The better idea would be a lake built with the idea of attracting pro bass fishing tournaments to Enid, which is something Kaw Lake could never do.  And on second thought, we should also accommodate national noodling tournaments, as well as providing good building site for a quality marina.  What I wish I had thought of before sending out that dispatch was nearby quail habitat for the hunters.

Vanhooser is all in favor of expending City funds for something that won't pay Enid back, whereas a lake would be a partnership with the nitrogen plant that will pay for itself.  Seems to me that, after doubling taxpayer expense for supporting the City and the public school system going directly into the broadcasting business, Enid citizens have had quite enough of Vanhooser's bright ideas.

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