Tuesday, February 03, 2015

More Vanhooser Follies, this evening's Study Session

Right now I'm uploading the footage with commentary on YouTube, about the dirty details of what it takes to get water from Ponca City's Kaw Lake to Enid, which is subject to renewal and review and might take 7 years to go through approval hurdles just to initially get on line.  This is a surgeon who thinks he can grok civil engineering but faceplants in the lakebottom mud.  And that's just the engineering, permits and review part of the project, Phase One.

While I'm waiting for the vid to upload, I'm going to repost the comment that will get posted with the vid, as follows:

On full display--how much a surgeon knows about civil engineering.  As in, nada. Yet it's his main platform plank.  Go figure. He clearly didn't. Bottom line: Enid can't afford his big spender habits or ignorance, as Enid's inner city streets testify

The Ward 5 incumbent flatters herself when she tells people that it's all about just her.  It's as much about a Commission cartel voting to support Vanhooser's irresponsible schemes as it is about foolish expensive Ferris wheel fantasies.  As I've told supporters--Ron Janzen shouldn't be running unopposed, either.

It's a fact--Enid now has an inner city and Ward 5 is an inner city Ward, but it takes other Commissioners to agree to raid the kitty. We need to stop the looting--it's taxpayer pockets they're picking.

Mayor Shewey is correct when he says that growing the retail sector is the answer, and I would add to that, downtown retail, something that Mainstreet Enid has failed to promote under current leadership and it's something that the Ward 5 incumbent moved to Meadowlake Park that which had been a downtown tradition. Enid needs to get the broom out and clean Commission house. I can't imagine Integris paying a surgeon to spend his time in city hall. Some other surgeon must be carrying Vanhooser's freight because he doesn't seem to be carrying his own.
Bookies are now taking bets on who the Eagle is gonna endorse for Ward 5.  Easy win on that, at considerable odds--I'll bet that the Eagle is that predictable.

Here we go...it's finally posted...

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