Monday, February 09, 2015

Almost down to the wire, and I'm kicking back, letting the rest of the pack undergo panic attacks.  Oh, don't get me wrong--I've been cruising around in the Claramobile a good part of the day while there's daylight--but we're losing daylight as I type this and all's well as I take to online media for the remainder...on Twitter, it's hashtag #LoserVanhooser . Good enough to use on Google Plus, too, and elsewhere.

Oh yeah, I know that for me it should be all about Ward 5, but I wouldn't find it possible to run without the voter base that #LoserVanhooser handed to me on a silver platter. All the Ward 5 incumbent did was hand me the potholes, the loss of downtown business that downtown had become accustomed to on October 31 with a possum Mainstreet Enid dropping that ball 2 years in a row.

#LoserVanhooser is buying up big signs, radio and paper space as if he's running for President...except on KXOK-LP...claiming to be a fiscal conservative when the centerpiece of his record in office is proclaiming that government can run a broadcasting outfit better than the corporation he killed...and then hiked the operating expenses of Enid Public Schools with duplicate facilities as the staff of Enid Television Network proclaimed in an Enid Eagle front page headliner article that it was Christmas, with your tax dollars.  Conservative my ass. Nothing says big reckless spender than all those ad buys.

He's clearly not happy being a career surgeon--he likes being a career politician a whole lot better.  Ever wonder who's carrying that boy's freight back at Integris?  He clearly isn't.

What remains to be seen, tomorrow on election day, is just how big my base is within Ward 5; whether or not it's big enough to carry both me and Shewey to victory.  Here's a reminder that I haven't been campaigning just for myself.  My voter base is city wide, not confined to Ward 5...not to say that Shewey couldn't do that all by himself, he's that good.
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