Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Clara the Bird Killer

It's election day at last and I'm quite confident that my low-cost demographics strategy was a success even before the votes are in. The birds that were killed were the two-with-one-stone type (not quail, ducks or geese--sorry, NRA members--but I had you in mind when I proposed the Koch Nitrogen lake idea; you gotta admit that the Kaw Lake Pipeline concept can't touch that).

Basic fact: Kaw Lake area NRA members don't get a vote in Enid.  Enid area NRA members *do*.

As I've said before, I wasn't stumping just for me--I was stumping for Shewey as well, and made a point of demographically targeting audiences ignored by the other two candidates.

Yeah.  I went there, and I'll bet I killed more than just two birds with a single stone.

Mini-UPDATE: Went out to vote myself and  noticed a Vanhooser sign across the street from the polling place.  Didn't have a tape measure to see how close it was, but hey--we all know how some folks don't care what the laws are, back in the day when PEGASYS' plug got pulled. The voting machine indicated well over 300 votes had been cast, but the day was still young.

All in all, whether I win or lose, I made a difference: the City is now running study sessions on camera, the paper finally published an editorial on the badly neglected pothole problem, even though it did get things backward by proclaiming that people need to move in first, love the potholes we've got, and stay for the fixin'.  That one still hits my funnybone. The best news I heard was via Chautauqua scuttlebutt, so outside of mentioning that particular difference I made in those vague terms, I'll leave it at that.  (Oops--forgot to mention that this best news tied with the best good news I got at the "debate") Made new friends on the campaign trail, too, and I still think nothing beats actually talking to actual people out there.

It's been a great run.

Ya, a neighbor informed me of the bad news, regarding the returns so far this evening.  Bad news for me, that is--not for Shewey, though, and that, quite frankly, was a large part of my objective.  It's the guy who pulled the plug on PEGASYS that's got the heartburn tonight--he spent a truckload more $$$ than I did, campaigning, and I still have my new friends.  I'm good, and still gloating. For Shewey. That part of the mission is accomplished.

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