Thursday, January 29, 2015

Brief comment re: Enid Eagle...prefaced by news flash UPDATE

No church should ever feel that it's necessary to put itself in a position like this.

I was out making a video of a walk-around at Exchange Park with the purpose of ending the walk at the big sign that announced a faith-based community improvement project, and I was going to title the video "City of Enid's Tax on Church", basically because that's the City's responsibility, not any church's.

Turns out that this was a gift that kept on giving.  In my driving away, I discovered a couple of whopper pothole farms, too, and in Ward 6--Vanhooser's badly neglected Ward.

Remember that previous post where I announced the campaign kick-off with a Welcome to Ward 5 sign next to a pothole farm? Only the side of the road that the sign was is Ward 5.  Across from that sign is Ward 6, where I didn't show footage that I took of Vanhooser Ravine on Cherokee, just off of Railroad Ave.  I revisited the site to get updated footage (I removed my sign quite some time ago, right after the Commission announced that it was closing "alleys" when it meant those particular streets.  Fancy that--it took an election to get Vanhooser to get off his hinney to close off what should have been closed off years ago).

Well, just cuz he closed the roads near my sign doesn't mean that he's paid attention to his other pothole farms, and I've got 'em on video.  Stay tuned.  Yup, he's trying to re-write his piss-poor record at the last inning, and it's a hoot.

Ah, I've got it!   Ward 6, The Movie: Vanhooserville.  Trailer preview follows.
Some wardsmen claim that there's a woman to blame,
but we know (da-da da-da da) it's their own damn fault.

It's no surprise, is it, that when public officials have things they don't want people to see, they think all people with cameras are creepy.  Even when they're attention-hogs presenting public events.  In public, too. No wonder such people didn't allow cameras in on the study sessions until the last two.  Typically scurry when the light of day shines...right, Eric Benson?  Of course.  Me, I don't mind cameras, but the big question is...can the camera stand it.  Yeah, I'm very much aware of the fact that I have a face that looks like a fugitive from a horror show......oh, wait....I am, actually.  I'm definitely certain Commissioners' worst nightmare. 
Aim a camera at me and I'll even do an Edith Piaf impression, with all due apologies to +KYLE DILLINGHAM . No, I regret nothing. XD

I note a more journalistically proper article in the paper and noted that it was written by a different reporter.  There's just one teensy-tiny misquote in there, though--I didn't say that my dad was a pilot.  I didn't specify.

For the record, though, Julien Levesque was called a "radio man" at the time, teaching electronics communications to the Scott AFB military students in WWII.  He remained a civilian as he was also a Roman Catholic cleric (not a priest--a brother, which is sort of like a friar). He's the primary reason I got into electronics technology and amateur radio (KC7LJG is the callsign).

Also wanted to put up a shout-out to gri, and mention yet again that I'm not in agriment with what continues to go on in Ukraine.  Gri, I've been 'way too busy to drop by your website, but as soon as I come up for air, I'll make a point of it.

P.S. Gri, you posted a link to my blog on your site?!  Well I'll be danged!  And I'm flattered!
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