Sunday, January 18, 2015

MLK weekend in Enid

People who went to the annual commemorative march yesterday (Saturday) know that I shot footage of it.  Those same people also know that the Enid News & Eagle "photoshopped" the picture they ran in the paper today (Sunday).  And of those who might read this blog, they know that I haven't posted the vid.

Know ye that I don't plan to.I attended for personal reasons, and I did stay to watch the documentary Grayson Church showed afterward.  There are exactly 3 people who showed up there that had a clue, because they listened to what I said about being just up the river from Memphis at the time, and what wasn't mentioned in the documentary (but what I remember quite clearly) were the Cairo IL race riots going on at the time, just up the river from Memphis TN.  It's why I henceforth had no qualms about living in black neighborhoods or attending black churches back in the day when such a thing was still highly controversial.

Have a nice day.

The Enid News & Eagle would never get shots like these, either.  By the way, in the photo immediately above, the guy on the left-most is also a Chautauqua regular.  I was in good company in more ways than one.

Below, Selma remembered... Garriott...

...and then...the Eagle has landed....

I think I should mention that I had an aunt that lived in Ferguson MO some years back and I remember that 'burb of St. Louis, too. A lot of stuff hitting close to home, as it were, these days.

P. S. for +Tim Lang :

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