Thursday, January 01, 2015

Going all out Habsburg as the 100th anniversary year of the Great War passes.

This is not news to those who know me, though--I do this every January 1st: tune in to PBS to catch Julie Andrews in Austria.  She's taken over for the now-deceased Walter Kronkite, who used to host...and so forth.

I never met a Strauss I didn't like.

But still, I managed to learn something new this go-'round, much to my own surprise. With all the Strauss I've enjoyed over the years, I never put a certain 2 and 2 together 'til now.  That would be Strauss and Sherman.  I knew that Allan Sherman borrowed heavily from classical music, but there's a snippet of his Dropouts March I hadn't pegged as Strauss til this evening.

And with that, the remainder of the day has become a double delight.  I never met an Alan Sherman I didn't like, either.

Ignoramus, there you are
Sitting in your hopped-up car
And your brains ain't up to par
And your ears stick out too far.

The Blue Danube Waltz has just concluded, and the Radetzky March is imminent.
 Happy New Year!

..and here's Allan Sherman...

...but the musical phrase isn't exclusive to either Sherman or Strauss, as it happens.

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