Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Betting that Tom Boepple got a guffaw out of today's paper

Debate countdown: T minus 55 minutes as of this posting.

Oh yeah, huh.   The paper didn't mention the debate, did it.  Like I've said for years--it's the Enid News-Ain't-Got-Nothin'-To-Do-With-It and Eagle.

...and it's over and it was more like Prime Minister's Questions sans raucous chamber members than it was like a debate.  Points were scored, though. Despite a serious sudden brain freeze with tongue fumble, it all went pretty well.  I just surprised myself as to how un-used to that I had gotten over the years.  Gonna have to brush up on that.  Hey Suzanne, how 'bout being a practice sparring partner? :D

Enjoying the blazes out of the Enid Eagle's top front page editorial this morning.  Had the article's author submitted that writing to a Journalism 101 class, he wouldn't have gotten above C level simply by his choice of loaded words.  Yup--in the class study of the difference between an objective article and an editorial, the former doesn't contain the author's opinion while an editorial does.

+George Strayline for one knows that "self-described" doesn't cover the fact that I've been in print as a satirist as far back as the mid-1970s, and Tom Boepple, for one among many, knows that "self-described" doesn't cover my artwork either.  Bottom line: the reporter had to come up with something to write without doing his research homework and was basically shooting from the hip where his gut was making his choice of words for him.

Dale, if you had bothered to look at the Education section of the resume I filed with what was filed with the Election Board, you'd have known that my first foray into academia was via the School of Communications, Radio/TV department, and one of the reasons I was drafted into the Alpha Lambda Delta honor fraternity is that I aced all my English/Composition classes including Journalism 101.

But nothing could have done a finer job of rallying my base than you did.  Thank you!  In the meantime, you might want to Google up the definition of the phrases "loaded words" and "slanted words".  You can't claim to be objective when you use 'em, as they're the primary difference between an editorial and a report.  Journalism 101.

Well hey--a person with a heavy industrial manufacturing background *would* know how to make stuff.

Here we go.  Copy and print as many as you like.

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