Monday, January 05, 2015

Hey Ward 5 City Commissioner, betcha didn't know THIS!

Each one of those campaign signs your team took down are hand-crafted works of art that have a commitment to a private collection.  Of course it's a misdemeanor to remove your general usual average cheap campaign signs, but it's quite another to be an art thief, with the theft being artifacts of a private collection.  If they were destroyed, there's an additional vandalism charge that goes with that.

Now then--this situation was turned into an advantage when knocking on doors, asking as to whether or not anyone saw anything regarding sign removal.  You can remove signs, hon, but you can't un-ring a door bell.

And what has been seen cannot be unseen. People who saw the signs also see that they've been removed by somebody who isn't the candidate whose name was on the sign.  While you and yours might like to think people are that stupid, I can tell you that they're not--I've talked to them, and so I know better than that.

Almost forgot to mention that the signs have been photographed for insurance purposes. Ever hear of the saying, "six feet deep and still digging"?  You might consider putting your shovel down.

+Tammy Wilson +cityofenid
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