Sunday, March 08, 2015

Enid's latest credibility crisis with usual suspects: the paper & Ward 5 Commissioner

This is why video is so essential even when context isn't presented.  It's a record of what happened...

The context that would be missing in both the report and a video is the fact that since the newspaper published Dale's op ed as if it were an article, Dale hasn't been reporting on either the City study sessions or the Commission meetings--it's been this gal who has apparently replaced him.

But guess who gets to rebut the report not by a letter to the editor, but with the status of a "guest columnist"? The other credibility-challenged person, Tammy Wilson, credibility of which has taken a nosedive along with her business partners in taking City pork for special events as of that false police report they filed on October 31, 2014.

It's a study session that ETN failed to take its portable cameras to, and you got it, friends and neighbors--I'm the only one with the footage of what actually happened.  But context is important, so I won't be posting just the raw footage without adding that context, and that, friends & neighbors, is still a work in progress.

Watch this space.  And I'll bet you didn't know this: the City of Enid is ALSO in the food vending business--operates its own food carts.  How 'bout THEM apples.

Monday UPDATE: just uploaded Part 1 of the study session discussion about this item.  The whole discussion is 24 minutes long and YouTube has a 15 minute limit, so editing is necessary, with careful attention paid to context.  Part 1 is the context setup clip.  The good stuff will be in Part 2.

While you're waiting for Part 2 to be published, take a gander at the off-record extracurricular activity going on just before Wilson chimes in and generates the report made by the paper...

Good point just in: Yes, it is true that even though Wilson stayed in power, the waning of her credibility also diminishes what power she has to accomplish much.  She's just one wardsman and she has to persuade most of the other 5 to succeed, and as of Vanhooser's defeat, they've come to an epiphany about supporting fellow wardsmen who don't have much credibility with the voter base, aka the constituency of the remaining wardsmen. She might think that she can do whatever she wants, but other wardsmen facing future elections know that they can't presume to run unopposed like Janzen and Brownlee did the last election.  It's not enough to have gained power--what's just as important is how much of it there is to leverage anything.  It's the credibility index which is directly proportional to how much leverage power you get.
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