Monday, March 09, 2015

A killer of downtown business is about to get an award from Cowboy Museum

...which shows just how clueless the Cowboy Museum is about the actual performance of Mainstreet Enid insofar as removing Halloween business away from downtown to Meadowlake Park on the outskirts.

And I'm just the person to give 'em an education on the trouble with giving awards to people who kill downtown business.

Dateline 2013: Ward 5 Commissioner decides to kill Scare on the Square for that year, October 31 although it has taken place every October 31, downtown, since its founding by a PEGASYS show in 2003.  Did Mainstreet Enid pick up the ball where Wilson dropped it?


Dateline 2014: Ward 5 Commissioner decides to take all that downtown business to Meadowlake Park on the outskirts of town, and did Mainstreet Enid do anything to continue the downtown tradition?

NO.  Tomkins preferred to kill off the well-established Halloween downtown business despite years of tradition. #FAIL
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