Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tornado season again-plus significant 4/11 UPDATE!

The following paragraph gets a 4/11 update as follows:

We have it every year, and every time Oklahoma gets a "big one", it's Moore that gets hit. People who live there love to live dangerously, clearly.  There was another outbreak near Tulsa, and I thank my friends for being concerned about my well-being, but I'm fine and am likely to remain so even if there are tornadoes sighted around Enid.  I've got a hidey-hole to go to, and I've been emergency trained ever since I was in grade school working with what used to be known as Civil Defense.  Earlier in my days as a ham radio operator, I was also trained as a severe storm spotter by an official from the Paducah KY NOAA facility who was giving classes to members of SARA (and I'm still on their newsletter mailing list, by the way).

I'm good, and I don't mind being out in it, either.  The only drawback in the Enid area is ARES, so I'm automatically at odds with Hoenigsberg--I'm SkyWarn.
I recently found out that an Enid Ham Club repeater does now have a SkyWarn link. I also talked in person with Hoenigsberg and have a sort-of appointment to talk with him in depth in about 2 weeks about updating certifications. This communication difficulty remains an issue with the club, clearly, but it does look like my re-activation is more imminent than it would have been otherwise. WOOT!

Nope--Garfield County's emergency management czar is back on my shit list because he lied to me about ARES just like EARC lies about being not bigoted.  When that asshole retires, I'll be throwing a celebration party.

I also managed to locate a rather ancient radio artifact, but you'll need to scroll to the bottom to see it. HINT: it's a Chicken Band license. Yeah, the FCC used to issue licenses for that band, once upon a time.


Real plate. IL let me keep it when I re-licensed.

IL let me keep this one, too. It make sense--nobody else can run with it.

You guessed it--I designed my own QSL cards.

This shelter is also on a public registry list kept by the city.
Besides a 2 meter transceiver handy-talkie, there's also a Part 15 FM transmitter, obtained via a 75% off Christmas clearance sale, antenna for which also passes through the feed thru.

Yeah, I know that's a rather old repeater directory. :P

Oh, I know--if I lose the roof, I lose the spotlight charging unit. But if I don't, I won't, and besides--there are other battery-operated illumination devices down there as contingency. And if I lose the spotlight, it's not a big loss either. I got the thing at a yard sale for a pittance.

You can bet your sweet bippy that I also have a solar charger for the auto battery. Plus the thing can be used to run the handy-talkies on.

Because of poor conditions in storage area, I had to toss out a lot of important stuff in transit, and the originals of my certifications were part of what got ruined and then tossed out.  The following are the remaining old school Xerox copies:

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