Monday, March 30, 2015

Clarafication in response to an email received

Consider this post to be a mini FAQ sheet.

This warrants a separate post because the content of the email has been echoed by more than one person, personal security vs personal identifying data online & such.

First, the name on this account is a pen name used by one person since 1973, and has been in publication back then, so you won't find much, if any of the early writing, online or republished recently.  Because CL got launched as a lampoon of another CL, there's a schtick that goes with the pen name, and you can read my full G+ profile for the details of that. The accent I have when I speak is not southern, it's Ozark.  Ozark East, specifically. I do not identify the Oklahoma accent as "cowboy", but as Ozark West. It's New Mexico, Texas and Arizona that speak "cowboy". Southern is southeast, as in east of the Mississippi. Ozarks East is my native tongue.

Second, every address of every FCC license holder is public record, and I hold an FCC amateur radio license.  My address is also public record by other governmental departments as well. Anybody can find it rather easily at any time with minimal effort.

Third, I mentioned that, since moving to Enid OK, I've been inactive because of the Hoenigsberg Barrier, and that has to do with local ass-kissing ARES to the exclusion of SkyWarn, and though it's true that  I kiss nobody's ass, there's more to it than that, and that has to do with FCC regulations for license class.  I'm a Tech Plus, meaning that phone operations by me are restricted in the bands that ARES operates, and Hoenigsberg's ass stands in the way of every Tech ham, Plus or not. (For those who want an explanation of FCC license classes, Tech is a grade above Novice, with more electronics and regulation knowledge tested for, but there's no Morse Code test.  A Tech Plus has passed a Tech test and a Morse Code test for a minimum of copying code 5 words per minute.) Due to the Honigsberg problem, I've been inactive for years, therefore also have been stuck with the Tech Plus class license for the same number of years I've been inactive. I'll reactivate and then work on upgrading my license in celebration of Honigsberg's  permanent departure.

Correction: since the date of this posting, Honigsberg and I have had direct contact via which things were worked out and the problem seems to have been the misinformation conveyed to me by EARC, which is still a functionally closed old boys club which favors males while discouraging females despite their claim that they do not discriminate.

Important update to the above comment about Hoenigsberg: we had a discussion about the above situation and I'm to visit with him in about 2 weeks about re-certifying, so it looks like I'll reactivate.  However, NOT via the Enid ARC.  I attended the last EARC meeting and that lot was just as frigid as the first time I showed interest in joining, and the number of YLs in that club remained the same since the last time I attended: NONE.  They claim, on their website, that they don't discriminate and I guess, on paper, they don't.  In person, they do--they showed all kinds of enthusiasm toward a young BOY who was there to get into amateur radio, and all I got were two hellos and a question as to whether or not I plan to renew my license.  That's it.  Hell with 'em.

I've explained this many times to deaf ears in Enid, and so I do not plan to reactivate unless and until Hoenigsberg gets gone, and I ain't holding my breath til that happens, even if I have been certified to run an  emergency network.  I keep my license and my station just in the event of an emergency, and I remain proud to have been a member of SARA (Shawnee Amateur Radio Association), as well as the Phoenix Coffee Clutch Net.  Via SARA I was an official in the legendary River to River Relay and worked the Herrinfest Marathon (Herrin, IL).

Oh, another Clarafication----People familiar with amateur radio callsigns know that the number 7 designates the region where I was licensed, and it's not Illinois--that would be 9.  As long as I continue to renew, I keep the 7 designation where ever I go regardless.

 Over and out. SK

River to River Relay Group on Facebook

By golly, one of these days I otta post a gallery of prized souvenir tee shirts, huh. Anyhoo, just on Herrin's outskirts (actually Energy, IL) is a World War II vintage restaurant that first introduced soy-based "mystery meat" when rationing made it necessary, and is still serving up victory burgers: the Polar Whip ( Neslar's Polar Whip on Facebook) ( On G+). I can personally attest to the fact that they are indeed yummier than they sound, and were this not the case, they would have gone belly-up a long, long time ago. Conveniently located not far from the Herrin/Marion airport. At the bottom of the tee, note the salute Herrin gives to the River to River Relay.
Actually, that Maytag factory is an historic Norge factory prior to Maytag's takeover.

Speaking of prized souvenir tees, and having already spoken of the legendary 1993 NBA Finals complete with ball cap...

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