Friday, March 20, 2015

WUT??? Ducks sunk the Pokes?!?!!!--blog stat mini-update


Over and OUT!
At least the Sooners go to the Sweet 16.

...or not, given the rather intense activity on this blog logged by Blogger in recent weeks on all my posts about the demise of PEGASYS.  Perhaps the reality of what I'd said during the city election season, about the nature of what I knew to be my voter base, and the city-wide scope of that, has finally sunk in with some people as a reality.  While Enid's PEGASYS voters weren't in a position to place me in the Ward 5 seat, they sure sent a message to the Wardsmen who voted in accord with Vanhooser's leadership, and should those other Wardsmen run again, might find themselves against the same opposition in their own wards when it's THEIR turn to run again.

Ain't that right, Wardsman Timm?  You're next in the PEGASYS voter crosshairs.

Vanhooser is just 1/6th of the City Commission. Wilson is just 1/6th of the City Commission.  The only way the Commission gets stuff done is with the consent of other Wardsmen who think that the bright idea on the table is worth approving.  Vanhooser is just one guy--those of you who thought Vanhooser's  bright idea was worth supporting had best keep looking over your shoulders in  your own wards--my supporters are in all six of them, and Ron Janzen shouldn't have run unopposed.

Consider very carefully whose bright ideas you support with your vote, Commissioners. Should you vote in favor of, say, a Commissioner's plan for self-dealing enrichment, you yourself could go down with the ship your vote is tied to.

(Screenshot of one instance of what I was talking about--every day for the past few weeks, every post I ever made about PEGASYS was hit on all at once, multiple times...)

Ooooh! KUCO is about to re-run the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy!  Thanks for all the fish!

Sunday Funnies for tech geeks: xkcd's flow charts.

Tuesday UPDATE: The hits, though one visitor at a time on all PEGASYS posts, continue to rack up as if the people doing this haven't read this PEGASYS related post. Dirt diggers, perhaps? One thing I've learned from stat observations, though, is that China in particular shadows the other foks who read this blog and I'll get hits from them sometimes in duplication of hits I get from reg'lar folk.  What I mean is that I'll hit the Now button to show stats and it'll show one hit and highlight the nation of the hit's orign--but in a few minutes I hit it again, and there'll be 2 hits and 2 coutries highlighted, and the other country is almost invariably China.

Don't worry--stats don't identify specific individuals; they just show general demographics and that's all, and nearly all via some search engine, and most of that is Google.  With respect to certain individuals I know in particular, the demographics pretty much give dead give-aways as to who it is by pattern, so I'm always better than certain when gri visits here more times than not, ha.  And so it is with the day-in-day-out PEGASYS hit pattern--that's how remarkable it is.

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