Saturday, July 13, 2013

Zimmerman case sets a grim precedent

I'm writing this just as the news of the verdict came in, and I was expecting that even the lesser charge conviction would have been justice served.  What happened, in my view, was the same sort of result that came of the trial in "To Kill A Mockingbird".  Evidence just didn't matter, especially in a state just as PWNed by the NRA as Oklahoma is.

A few days ago I posted a blog entry regarding this case during the testimony of medical examiner Shiping Bao, who, to my eye, was just as distrustful of the defense attorney on the basis of familiarity with the community's racism as any black might be, as a non-white member of that community.  

I removed that entry because I felt that I put too much personal information in there to provide a basis for my evaluation, giving full acknowledgement of my own race in the process.

In view of this verdict, I think I should at least mention again that particular part, as I think the manner in which the medical examiner went from objective witness to hostile-to-defense witness is particularly revealing in regards to the nature of the community as a whole, and it's the community as a whole that provided the jury.

Justice was not done today.

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