Monday, July 29, 2013

Another old timer becomes history, plus breaking news postscript

Monitoring Times to cease publication

The 1920s saw the rise of radio; the 2000s see its decline. Oh, I know that Monitoring Times was a relative new kid on the block when it comes to publications covering radio, but it's the oldest old timer out there right now, if you don't count the venerable World Radio TV Handbook, and even that ole gray mare ain't what she used to be, either. That's why Passport to World Band Radio was launched by NASWA veteran and erstwhile Clandestine Corner editor and former IBA monitor, Larry Magne, a nice publication that had receiver review "white papers" that the WRTH didn't have.

Still, go back far enough and we saw the ANARC conventions, which died with the times but that Grove Enterprises, publisher of Monitoring Times, took over and which evolved into SWL Winterfest, sort of.

Popular Electronics used to have an extensive record of supporting radio to the point of issuing listener callsigns in an effort to mimick amateur radio callsigns issued by the FCC.  Good all history.

 First a blog rumor, which cited a Politico article, and now Media Matters reports that Rush Limbaugh's production is to be dropped by Cumulus. Politico says that Hannity will be dropped as well.  Yay!
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