Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Ed Snowden, he take the data and run to Venezuela?

Voice of Russia posted on Facebook that Snowden had accepted a grant of asylum from Venezuela, then it posted a sort of retraction saying that this information came in via Twitter, and that the Tweet had been removed.  It's not like Twitter is any kind of authoritative source in the first place, even with verified accounts.  Accounts get hacked, as anyone who has had trouble with spammers can attest.

Nonetheless, despite the embarrassment of the Bolivian affair, all eyes are now on Venezuela as if Snowden actually can get from Point A to Point B under the circumstances. Worth watching.  So is the guy who I paraphrased to come up with the title for this blog entry.  I'm just as much a fan of his as I am of Bert Williams.

 (Blogspot didn't want to embed this for some odd reason--sorry)
 33 protesters arrested so far. Other videos have been posted on YouTube about this.

A  Spanish language update on Snowden, which suggest Russia →Cuba→Venezuela.  
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