Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Achieved milestone on Yahoo Answers today

Top Contributor. Category: History.

That doesn't mean that I just answered a whole lot of History questions. This means that a lot of my answers were voted Best Answer.

My Yahoo Answers profile shows an overall 42% Best Answer rate, though, and here's the caveat to that: they do have a peculiar points system where they encourage you to answer lots of questions because "you're on a roll", and that brings down your percentage. Answering troll questions will bring down your average, too.

I have another thing going against me: when the history answers I post don't jive with what some religious or Roman-centric perspective that has been popularly taught, I'll get a thumbs down vote.  A good many posted questions are loaded questions and begged questions, and if you don't agree with the begging, you get voted down. And it could very well be the case that the people who hand those things out take exception to my claim of being an "experienced time traveler".  It is, after all, the truth.

Still, all torpedoes considered, it ain't bad, especially considering that I'm among my peers and my betters on Yahoo Answers (avoid Ask Community--general education level among answering population is considerably lower there). Professional male electricians get pissed when an experienced woman answers and will give you a thumbs down even when you provide a good answer, but overall, it's minimal compared to Ask and others.

I think I finally found home.  I just wish it hadn't taken me 10 years' worth of spinning my wheels to find it.

JULY 8 UPDATE: I told you that the Yahoo Answers points system was squirrely--I go there today and find that my percentage of Best Answers went up from 42 to 43, but my Top Contributor badge was removed.  Go figure.  I see that "participation" level can result in getting or losing that designation. Still, it could be the competition for that designation.  I am, after all, among my peers and my betters there, and I notice that we're all gaming the points system's peculiarities. If I've been bested, I've been bested by the best.  No complaints.

I know, though, If I ever get that award again, I'm taking a dang screenshot of it.
July 15--got my badge back, and took the screenshot. :)  This ain't brag--it's fact.

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