Friday, July 26, 2013

Cairo situation still fluid, worried about my friends there

A way to follow live what's going on in Egypt is claimed by The Guardian, but the article this link goes to still hasn't reported what I just heard via a Cairo friend, via Facebook: 15 people were killed in Tahrir Square by military security detail in civilian clothes.  I asked her which people died, pro-Morsi or anti-Morsi? and the response I got wasn't clear, and she did say she was pro-Morsi herself, so there's that grain of salt.

Given that the military has Morsi under arrest, I would guess that the charge made here is that the 15 killed were pro-Morsi, but it's just a guess at this time, and I've lost contact with my friend....wait, she's back, and explained that it was indeed 15 pro-Morsi people killed, and she is calling what the military did a coup.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

One of my new Libyan friends announced that the women of Benghazi took to the streets to demand change due to the rise in assassinations there, and nobody's happy about the assassinations that just took place in Tripoli. Looking at all these things going on this evening, I can see that the problem in Egypt (actually big things going on in Alexandria as well as Cairo) is because the anti-Morsi faction doesn't want the power grab that happened recently in Tripoli happens in Cairo.  I think I'll cross my toes, too.

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