Friday, July 19, 2013

Old debates come back to haunt--talk about history!

Got up this AM hearing a strange thing on KOSU: Watermelon Slim was crowing about bringin' the blues to Oklahoma. Wut? He moved out of Oklahoma to Mississippi, last I heard.  And his website sez he done come n gone in June, anyhow.

Oh yeah, the debate history. My friends on Google Plus already know about my version of +Hypercrites, but there's another version of Hypercrites out there where Slim has been hanging his virtual hat ever since Debate Both Sides shut down, and that used to be Arianna Online before Arianna Huffington took off with the Huffington Post.  Yeah--we got a history, all of it political, and all of it debate, and all of that when he used to be an Okie.

Welcome back to Oklahoma, Slim.  Truce after all these years, maybe?

"I'm a King Bee" YouTube video
"Tomorrow Night" You Tube video

(Beats me why Blogger isn't imbedding YouTube videos anymore)

I already had some debate history come back to haunt me earlier this week on Wednesday when my favorite Norwegian dropped by. +Bill Coleman and I know him better as Gnosisquest on the old PBS board.  Actually, after joining that other Hypercrites, I'm pretty sure Bill's "met" Slim, too.  Anyway, me & Ras (Gnosisquest) connected at the coffee shop inside of Hastings, and we got a little past history discussion going, and when we got overheard by a young man, he joined in, and by golly if we didn't have a good ole fashioned debate going, just like the good ole days.

Yeah, Ras and me usually took the same side on things, while me & Slim didn't.  I lean liberal, while Ras is definitely liberal, and Slim--well, he's definitely liberal but he's got a libertarian streak and that's where the friction is. So there ya have the bottom line--given that debating was the whole point to begin with, it's no big deal. Slim happens to be a history buff himself (or used to be), as it happens. What the hey--debaters will debate because arguing is what they do. Now all I gotta do is figure out how the blazes to get to Rentiesville from Enid.  I got bets on routes 412 and 69.

Labor Day Update: well dang, I missed it.  I'm probably the only Hypercritter who hasn't seen a Slim performance in person.  Almost got to one when he did OKC's Passeo--"missed it by that much". Dang and a half. Well, if he ever does the Passeo again, I'm just gonna have to try harder.
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