Sunday, July 21, 2013

China's crackdown on Falun Gong, again.

...but all I have to go on is a post by China Uncensored on Facebook.  Tried to find news online about this, and...well...nada (so far).
In the New York Times

A shout out to my Chinese friends on Google Plus, who have been silent for quite some time since #chineseoccupy, and I think that, among the Chinese activists I have in my Circles, I am alarmed over the overwhelming silence from that nation in recent months.  No news is NOT good news.

A closer check of my Circles show a major part of my Chinese friends haven't posted anything recently, and I find this astonishing. I'm calling you out in particular, @周双立, @Shuo Zhang. @王玮玮 hasn't posted a thing since March of last year, and usually, when I post a G+ name on Blogger with a @ in front of it, Google will produce a dropdown. None was produced with these names, so something is bad wrong somewheres.

I checked the traffic to this post a few hours after I posted it and found that, for the first time, I've got more Internet traffic from China than I had from North America.  Xi Jinping, I see you.  And your guys, too.  I see you and your guys in the South China Sea. Two words for you: sea wind.
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